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The Prestige - Now Recruiting

ozerinxozerinx Member UncommonPosts: 200

The Prestige

Recruitment Status: Open

About Us:

Our guild has been around for over 5 years. We have been playing multiple games throughout our existence. Most of the guild is currently in Free-to-Play games due to Final Fantasy 14 ARR being in its beta phase. Some of the names we are known as in other games are Liberi Fatali, Randomer's United, and Myriad. I know everyone is recruiting with the term LS (Linkshell) but because our guild is a multi-gaming community, I prefer to use a more general term.

We tend to focus on the PvE aspects of the games we play because most of our players don't have a lot of time outside of work to still be playing 6-10 hours a day in order to grind things like BG, Arena, etc. We will be hosting 1-3 in-house guild activities every week and also have 3-4 raids per week to keep up with progression.

Raids are mandatory and missing more than 3 raids will result having your raid slot replaced by another. (Raids that you have signed up for)

Active Raiders will get priority in raid sign up.

We use a similar system to the DKP system. We have used it in EQ, EQ2, WoW, and Rift Raids which has prevented loot drama.

While we will have a major focus on raiding, you can still apply if you are just looking for people to play with and/or have little interest in raiding. Applicants of this nature will not be placed on the raiding roster initially but will have the opportunity to get on the roster in the future if they decide to start focusing on raiding.


    ·  Usage of Mumble

    ·  2 Week Trial Period

    ·  Main Job/ 2nd Job

    ·  Prefer 21+ (Will accept lower if you pass trial)

To apply please leave me a message here.

We are going through a website host change; so the website is currently down. If you are interested in the guild you can also visit me at .

I usually have it up even if I am not streaming to check the chat. 


Website still in progress but Application page is up :


  • CalranCalran Member Posts: 1

    Hey there , sent you a message, I hope i can get in. 

    Job:White Mage/Bard

  • BotzuBotzu Member Posts: 1
    Hello, I have applied to the guild as well. I sure do hope i get in.
  • TherolyteTherolyte Member Posts: 4
    Sounds like a real... -puts on glasses- prestigious guild.
  • ChadeEverdarkChadeEverdark Member Posts: 1



    oh the anticipation! 

  • ozerinxozerinx Member UncommonPosts: 200

    Have updated status on forums for the people that have applied. 


    Will begin the 2 week trials for the people that are willing to come on before the game's release to talk and get to know the current members. For the others your spots for the trial will be reserved until official release. 


    I will be setting the guild cap for recruitment this week as well. 

  • ozerinxozerinx Member UncommonPosts: 200

    Starting Beta 3, we will be having guild events and setting up introduction, q/a for future and goals of the guild.

    If you have any question regarding application or what our guild is about please feel free to send me a message on here or visit our guild website. 

  • ozerinxozerinx Member UncommonPosts: 200

    We are doing table top D&D on Looking for Active players that are interested in joining.

    Prefer a mix of male/female players. 


    - It is custom ruleset since we are noobs. Not following the book hardcore. 

    If you are interested in joining us send me a message here or on our guild website :) even if you don't want to join the guild it is fine. 

  • chimerajoneschimerajones Member Posts: 2

    Oh scat! I see some myriad members in here. * Slaps hands * sup homies!? I was actually looking for a raiding guild to join, might consider joining you guys. 


    Just need to get a feel for the * Prestige * lol. I'm so used to myriad.  

  • ozerinxozerinx Member UncommonPosts: 200
    welcome! if you have any questions feel free to ask. 
  • chimerajoneschimerajones Member Posts: 2

    Thanks Thanks, this is OZ right? Just guessing from the first two letters. Anyway I do have a couple questions, I see you guys are a raiding guild more or less, is that mean you guys will be running into a PvE server? Second question, being I was in myriad ( RIP ) for about 1-2 years, knowing how we played our games. Are you guys considering playing FF to the fullest extent? Being this is a P2P game and all? Final question, Are you solely going to be focus on raiding, seeing how as you stated you wouldn't have 6-10 hours to play daily, or are you going to eventually get into the other mechanisms of the inital game? 


    Sorry for the long questions lol, but as myriad, I have also evolved beyond the gamer I once was. 

  • ozerinxozerinx Member UncommonPosts: 200

    1. There will be no PvP servers according to the server/region launch list as of yet. The PvP content is going to be instance based.

    2. Most of the Myriad ex-members are not in this guild because of the reason this guild is meant for people that are actually dedicated to games and are willing to p2p.

    3. My main focus is raiding because until I try out the pvp in FF14 I am not going to be that impressed.

    4. The amount of hours play is for most of the players that do play FF14+Work. I personally will play whenever I have free time. Some people don't get to play until 7-8pm after work. 

    5. I and a few others will dabble in everything in the game to determine if this game is worth playing. So far, we have enjoyed the game but notice certain things that might be lacking. 

    6. I am also waiting on the Beta or more screenshots of EQN since I been waiting for that game since they first gave hint about it. 

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