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More attention

KroxMalonKroxMalon Member UncommonPosts: 438

Wow this game looks like it has so much to offer. Maybe because its out of taiwan the advertisement is not great?

But this does not look like another run of the mill FTP, it deserves much more attention.

So here is me trying :).


  • NL-RikkertNL-Rikkert Member UncommonPosts: 134

    Exactly my idea, was looking through its website just yesterday (after I registered for the beta a while back). 

    Not sure how generic it will really be, but the addition of dragons really attracts me.


    Though just saying it needs more attention will likely not get it anymore.

    Perhaps we should try and find more info (actual facts please) and post them?

    Soon as I get in to the beta I will definately post some stuff (if NDA is not in place ofc).



    Let's just not get too overhyped eh xD

    When someone does something so utterly moronic that it kills your brain cells at the very thought of it.

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