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Episode 1 Pursuits Guide

brycegritbrycegrit Member Posts: 77

The first episode and second episodes of pursuits were released yesterday for Defiance. This guide will show you quick and easy ways to get through all the first episode pursuits. Also added why sometimes some pursuits won't come up even if you're in an area and how to fix that so you can do these painlessly.




  • lordtwistedlordtwisted Member UncommonPosts: 570

     I have only stopped to watch one of your videos so far Bryce but thought it was great, and I am glad to see you are still putting them out for all of the topics. A lot of work. 

     If you are on PC send me a friend invite we will pound some Mutants.

    Not so nice guy!

  • brycegritbrycegrit Member Posts: 77

    Thank you lord, im glad you enjoy them. I play on xbox 360 but if i ever switch to PC ill let you know! Yeah it keeps me pretty busy but its really fun and cool to interact with everyone that's been watching and i've been really humbled by all the support i've gotten so far. 

  • brycegritbrycegrit Member Posts: 77
    Nice, hope it helped DMKano!
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