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EU Player looking for a FC

VoiceGSVoiceGS Member Posts: 5

Hello all

I'm from the UK and plan on playing FFXIV A Realm Reborn at launch but I would like to join a Free Company before its launched primarily to get to know the members and then at launch have some fun.

I've been playing MMO's since around 2004-2005 my first being World of Warcraft, although it remains being my favourite game I do not play it. I have played several others including Aion, AoC, TSW and Lotro to name a few.

At launch I plan on participating in PvE, PvP and Crafting so I'm looking for a FC that will incorporate those into your FC core elements.

Please if you would like more info from myself please let me know or if you know of a FC thats recruiting if you could link me their website address that would be great aswell.



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