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15 euro for alpha/beta access

I played this game back when masthead was running it. Even though the lag was horrible I liked the feel in this game. And the music is really great too. I bought the founders pack yesterday and you can tell they been working a lot on it. But I know opinions may vary. Im interested in seeing if people are gonna try this one out.




  • SilokSilok Member UncommonPosts: 732

    You poll is not right, first your title is 15 euro for beta/alpha acces and then you ask if we will try this one.. what do you mean ? try the game or pay 15 for beta acces?.

    I choosed no because no i wont pay 15 euro for beta acces. i may try it at open beta but i will not give money before i know if its worth it.

  • moosecatlolmoosecatlol Member UncommonPosts: 1,372
    Yeah, pay them money so you can work to help make them more money.
  • AtomicAtomic Member UncommonPosts: 46
    This one has a real chance to get a very good scifi mmorpg. They learned from the mistakes and they are listening to the a founder.
  • RabiatorRabiator Member Posts: 358

    Maybe - but I'm not going to pay for the beta, especially this one.

    On the upside, this games seems to be the kind of SciFi MMORPG I could like.

    On the other hand, it seems the old company took money from people before and those people are left hanging (see the thread "Earthrise re-launch: what if you already bought the first game?"). So the new devs better demonstrate that they can deliver a game, before they start charging money.


  • TalonsinTalonsin Member EpicPosts: 3,611
    When it is free I will check it out. 
    "Sean (Murray) saying MP will be in the game is not remotely close to evidence that at the point of purchase people thought there was MP in the game."  - SEANMCAD

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