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FairyOath Guild of Dragon Saga

FairyOath Guild

Extending our arms to NEW Recruits

Ladies and gentleman we are gathered here at this website to introduce a whole new spectrum of power, forged by theFairytale Guild and BloodOath Guild. Forming a united contract to join each other in endless battles and quests, we are pleased to announce our newly combined GuildFairyOath. This is where things get serious while maintaining the fun. Thank You for joining our Guild and if you have any problems don't hesisitate to contact us for any reason.



1. Be active

2. Participate on Guild activities

3. Be active


So for anyone interested to join us refer to the FF for DL linkies~

DL the client on WarpPortal or our Alternative client of DS 2.54 can be found on:

Registration on:

NOTE: You must create a separate Dragon Saga account on your WP account


Visit us on our Guild Forum at:




IGN: HowlCifer

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