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So what mod makes this game the most challenging?

General-ZodGeneral-Zod Member UncommonPosts: 868
My only dislike for the game is that its not challenging enough.. is there any mods that remedy this?



  • TheLizardbonesTheLizardbones Member CommonPosts: 10,910

    What kind of challenge are you looking to get? More zombies? A mode where once you die you can never go back? What about mods that add many levels of technology and research progression?

    For instance:

    There is a Zombie Survival mod that works very similar to Fallout, except it's more of a single story line.

    There are mods that make it much harder to survive by removing your ability to automatically regenerate health, and by removing your character's respawn into the world. Once you die, you can't go back, and staying alive is much harder because you have to find resources that will heal you instead of just keeping your hunger bar full.

    The Feed the Beast mod adds many mods, and many different technologies that can be researched and used to build a lot of stuff. This isn't all that great if you don't want to build things, but it also adds a magic system that requires research.

    If none of that appeals to you, perhaps the Mo Creatures mod will appeal to you. It adds a plethora of creatures, all of which seem to hate you. The golem in particular is a jerk. Not only does he want to kill you, he'll use pieces of your dirt house to do it with. The upside is that there are also birds, turtles and I think horses in that mod.

    Be a little more specific in what you're looking for in regards to challenge, and I'm reasonably sure there's a mod that will do it.

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  • ForumPvPForumPvP Member Posts: 871

    Try to play as vegetarian for example.

    Imagination is the limit and that Masterpiece game is good playground for imagination.


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  • General-ZodGeneral-Zod Member UncommonPosts: 868

    Forgive my vagueness

    Im looking for a mod were the creatures increase in number and potency. I dont want to be safe in just any type of housing and going out at night is a serious conscious decision or practically a sure death. Various craftable items are needed to survive such a game. Permadeath would also be a nice add on....

  • TheutusTheutus Member UncommonPosts: 636

    There's already a hardcore mode at world creation that is perma-death.

    I recommend:

    Witches and More - adds witches and more

    Mo Creatures - adds tons of hostile mobs and creatures

    Seasons Mod - creates season changes, and you can freeze to death in certain biomes

    MCHerds - Zombies and cows herd

    Twilightforest - adds another realm, extra mobs, dungeons

    Thaumcraft 3 - adds a magic device system and mobs

    Ars Magica - adds a magic spell system and mobs

    ExtraBiomesXL - adds a ton of extra biomes

    Ruins - adds ruins at world creation

    Millenaire - creates a new village system with currency, warfare and trade... quests etc..

    Mystcraft - allows you to create alternate dimensions, some are very dangerous

    there's more but I'm playing poker and can't concentrate.



  • yorkforceyorkforce Member UncommonPosts: 160

    Feed the Beast - MindCrack

    Has over 40 mods, is a modpack, has its own launcher, adds everything from machines to new worlds and mobs. Is very complex and technical.

  • DrakephireDrakephire Member UncommonPosts: 451
    If you're looking for specific mods, I'd reiterate that Mo Creatures is perhaps one of the more challenging mods you can add. Not to mention you can make it even MORE potent by going into the Creature Options and adjust how difficult each mob is. This mod along with the perma-death setting is likely the most difficult you'll find.
  • PoporiPopori Member UncommonPosts: 334
    Divine RPG adds a good amount of challenge without vastly affecting other aspects of the game.  Its easy to add in with other mods like Mystcraft as well.
  • PrayrPrayr Member UncommonPosts: 267

    When you are tired of too much vanilla in your minecraft and its boring and way to easy! You know that feeling you get when you hit level 90, or whatever the max level is in that game is, in the first week. and you sit there thinking "now what?"


    Come check out SimCraft for minecraft on the official survival server. It is the farthest thing from vanilla minecraft you can find. It is for sure worth the time look if you want a challenge in your game.

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    When you have had enough vanilla in your minecraft, come have a look at what is waiting.

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