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Open world pvp

pupurunpupurun Member UncommonPosts: 548

So for the last month i've been trying so hard to love TERA.  I liked TERA from the start. Beautiful graphics,,nice atmosphere strong combat grinding feeling.Only the not-so-fluent UI was in the way...but i think i was just beginning to overcome it when...

When i walked into an open world pvp area...Now before someone yells ''GO PLAY AT A PVE SERVER!!'' let me inform you that i love open world pvp and i don't mind a little ganking or zerging being made on to long as there are some basic rules of engagement and some kind of ''punishment'' for killing lowbies..I think there are some in TERA .I also realised that many many many high level players didn't actually give a flying f..k about those..and kept on killing players with 40-50 lvl difference.

But what actually made me feel ''meeeeh'' was the fact that i was attacked by a lvl 16 (i am lvl 14) and i got insta-killed. So this brought back memories to me.AOC and their failed effort to balance open world pvp and lowbie zerging. Aoc nowadays has ZERO open world pvp.Cause noone same in mind would ever choose the PVP servers.So the same thing will eventually happen to TERA imo..And i hate that cause the skill based aiming makes this kind of pvp challenging to try in an open world area and not a battleground...

And another thing...the lore didn't actually ''persuade'' me in any way  as far as the mindless zerg killing of the open world areas are concerned..Everyone is killing anyone,a anytime...I think Elin could only justifie their mindless hostility because of all the negative reviews they received as a race... .At least Hyboria justified the existence of thieves robbers, cultists and murderers....


  • NetSageNetSage Member UncommonPosts: 1,052

    The random 60 ganker gets better after lumbertown.    Around lvl 20 I started seeing random 60s that were helpful instead of annoying.  Also just switch channels for a little bit since I doubt they'll follow you.


    I also agree the open world pvp needs work though.  I hate when someone walks up to me while I'm fighting a mob and then just toggles to be able to attack me.  Luckily I normally watch for this and either fight or run(which I've gotten good at too :P).

  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] CommonPosts: 0
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