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Certs: Statement by Higby

BeanpuieBeanpuie Member UncommonPosts: 812


Hey all - 

I wanted to pop in quickly to talk about today's cert point grant. As you know, a couple weeks ago we implemented account-wide SC unlocks which made any item that was common pool available to any character on your account, and any faction specific items available to all characters of that faction on your account. At the time we promised that we would be looking into ways to compensate players who had purchased the same items on more than one character. Today's cert grant was the resolution of that promised compensation. The grant logic worked as follows:

For every SC that you spent buying an identical item, which would now be available as an account wide unlock on multiple characters, we gave 2 cert points.

For example, if you have two TR characters and bought MAX composite armor's on them both, you would have spent 1000 SC on a duplicated item on your account, and we will have granted your characters 2000 certs this morning. 

Players who did not purchase the same item on multiple characters on the same account should not have been eligible for these cert grants, although some players are reporting that they did. We are investigating why, but right now it is our mistake and we won't be 'confiscating' or rolling back characters which received certs. 

We are looking into reports of players who have purchased items that should have been flagged as account wide but did not receive cert grants, these seem to be for multiple purchases of common-pool vehicle weapons which were not captured as part of the database query we ran. 

Additionally, if you purchased an individual item, and later a bundle that contained that individual item, we granted cert points at the same rate for the price of the items purchased from that bundle - this was an error in the logic that was used to collect the cert grants, so those of you who benefitted from this get an extra bonus. 

We will be reevaluating if future changes to the account-wide unlocks will include a retroactive cert grant, at this point we are uncertain if we will continue to adhere to this policy; so fair warning to those of you who might want to create 5 characters and buy a ton of repeated stuff on them - it is not certain that this type of grant will ever occur again. 

I hope this answers some of the questions as to what is happening with the grant today.




Now heres my 2 cents of this matter:

what SOE has done,  overall is a good thing for people who spent money and bought things that they later regretted, or items that bought multiple times on different characters/faction characters.

regardless, this brings up debates about the reinforcement of pay2win which it really shouldnt and why they should of just reinbursed the SC and not just coverted it to  Certs. and yes,  the reinbursement is over the top,  very over the top.  even if i didnt put a whole alot in SC side,  its not gonna affect me much, though,  cant say the same about those who covet the leaderboards.

To keep this short,   many people will still hate SOE, and some of the hate is valid, but to be the most hated, they are going to have to do alot more work to beat these guys

oh well...See you on the "Battlefield"! image

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