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Long battle conversation i found in another forum

ringdanyringdany Member UncommonPosts: 189

i wasn't going to post this but then i accidentally replied to a post in a thread on this forum, so i thought, ah.. why not just post it for discussion/criticism.

( it's probably way too long to read)

Here is the link to the post on the other forum :-

Here is the introduction appearing on the other forum :-

"I thought i would post this just to give an idea of what last night's battle was like in Champions of Regnum. I know maybe a vidcap would be better, but this conversation shows more of the inner tension and gameplay than just a hectic video. I also like recounting and remembering this battle because it was one of the hardest fought battles ive been in for about 6 months. Ok it is a massive read so.. yea its like a plot of a novel.

This is about a 40 vs 40 vs 40 battle in the fort of Syrtis named Herbred. It is a critical battle because Herbred holds the last of the three relics. Alsius, whose chat screenshot this is, holds Herbred and must hold it for 30 minutes before they can take the relic from its pedestal. Alsius must then somehow carry the relic away from the fort, which is surrounded by 80 enemies in total (dying and respawning and coming back continuously). The chat begins once the player Swipe tells everyone that the Guard Captain (GC) of the fort is dead. This GC is an very strong NPC which helps the defenders of the fort and which must be killed before the fort can be taken. So it is now that the fort battle begins in earnest."

this is a pic of a fight in front of the Herbred fort (not of the same fight above, but a typical fight)


this is the conversation screencapped and explained :-


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