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Anyone try this yet?!

WightyWighty Member UncommonPosts: 699

I was browsing Steam's greenlight to see what's new and came across this little gem.


I am not sure if anyone else has tried this but man is it a lot of fun... I didn't really dig enough into this to determine if it is P2W or not because it is a F2P game and I am unfamiliar with Nonoplay. I have been playing for about an hour or so and it is pretty cool so far...


It is a top town shooter RPG taking place in the WW2 era, the game is in beta atm but has skill trees, weapon mods, upgrades, etc. Anything more than that I couldn't tell you.


I am still messing around and will continue to see what this game has to offer at least as a "jump in, play for a few, then jump out" kind of game.

What are your other Hobbies?

Gaming is Dirt Cheap compared to this...



  • WightyWighty Member UncommonPosts: 699

    Ahh man... what a disappointment (shoulda known better)


    On one hand the game is fun as hell to play...

    On the other it is very P2W... cash shop sells items that are clearly better than anything else I have seen. Additionally some drops I have come across are "rent" items that if you want to keep them you must add rent time with no option for permanent.

    Probably the worst part of it all is the upgrade item system... "If you fail you lose the item" and from what I have seen the cash shop upgrades are very pricey.


    It is too bad as it is a very fun WASD top down RPG shooter (don't know of anything else out there like it).

    If anyone has come across a similar game to this I would be interested as it is fun to jump in and out of... usually not my cup of tea, but I found myself enjoying it.

    What are your other Hobbies?

    Gaming is Dirt Cheap compared to this...

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