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Real Cash Economies - Entropia Universe

mjrekichmjrekich Member UncommonPosts: 8


Seriously, this game has everything I need to fulfill my RPG needs. It has basically all the characteristics of WoW and some from EVE, but it is its own game in itself. It reminds me of Second life because of the social aspect, but the skills and events that they offer makes them an ever-growing community.

The best part about the game is the simple fact that you can actually get REAL MONEY FROM THIS GAME!!! Cool right? Yeah, I would say! 

Entropia actually gives you back money for earning it! The transfer rate is every "$10 PED (in-game currency) = $1 USD" which means if you make 1,000 PED, thats $100 in your pocket!! 

Granted that Mindark, the creators of the game, are trying to make money, it is difficult to find money! Best thing to do is jump right in and sweat animals and apply to as many trading socials as possible! They will supply you with everything you need and will help you make a steady, but hefty income. 

I have been playing this game for some time now and I am slowly progressing myself to become a true Entropian by buying land areas. They offer consistant weekly money and who wouldn't like a consistant flow of cash going into their account!?

This game is basically for everyone, so come and join the force and make some money!


  • birdycephonbirdycephon Member UncommonPosts: 1,314
    This game is terrble in the fact that you can hardly do anything without spending money, and making money through sweatting is such a monotenous drag, that its not even worth the time when you could be doing something fun for a change. Heck, earning minimum wage at a day job is more fun and pays better than sweatting.
  • mjrekichmjrekich Member UncommonPosts: 8

    This is a very false statement. Lets put the game in this perspective...

    If you played World of Warcraft back about 3 years ago when you had to pay to play EVERY MONTH! I dont really remember how much it was, something like $50 for like 3 months? Maybe $60, but anyways, if you put in $50 into Entropia, you can obtain a lot of things and use that to obtain some great skills that you can use to get more PED. Your skills can be sold for more PED so there is a win/win situation here and the fact that you think that you cant make money from this game, youre wrong.

    Basically, depositing money into this game accelerates your ability to make more money. It isnt the greatest first 5 hours of the game, but it IS possible to make a good amount of money in this game. I am more of a businessman, so my first aspect of this game is to make money. That is just what I am going to do. I havent deposited and the only time i will deposit is to obtain some land mass or a CLD. You are wrong sir, I am having fun with the people in this game and learning stuff everyday.

  • MystaisMystais Member Posts: 72

    Do your research first folks.  I played this for over a year and did all the research and the game is geared for you to barely keep your head above water (barely afford to keep ammo in your gun).  Even if all you do is collect sweat all day (so much fun *cough*), you'll still probably have to spend $15+/month to be able to play for more than a few hours at a time.


    The OP sounds more like a marketeer than a player and he's merely placed an ad for the game is all.

    Tabletop RPG gaming since Chainmail and D&D was a blue book with some cheap plastic dice and a crayon. MMORPGing since MOOS/MUDS, when forums were just bulletin boards and players actually roleplayed their characters.

  • NygleNygle Member UncommonPosts: 17

    You can make a small income selling Sweat, and head into the PvP areas to gather Oil. Oooo, I almost forgot.........

    YOU CAN SELL YOUR SKILLs "Levels" FOR CASH ! ! ! !

    Just think if you could sell all that time you spend on those Alts right back to Blizzard for cash, Legally. 

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