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The evolution of MMO's

For start i play games since i remember existing,so i've played all kind of them rpg,rts,fps,puzzle,platforms and so on (still love tetris).


Been folowing all the strugle with sandboxes, themeparks, this and that.Why haven't anyone thought about creating one game with them all?!Crazy?yeah, but imagine the potencial.

With a good IP, lets say starwars or mass effect doesnt matter, the goal should be create a vareity of diferent gameplay in the same world/game.

Some examples:

-U could join the military of your faction, starting has a regular rpg, up in the ranks getting acsess to conquer areas or even planets with rts like gameplay.

-Choose between diferent playing models, the tradicional rpg with fps or 3rd person (gladly the repopulation is doing that)

-Even with classes, play what u really want to play.Soldiers with killing and destroy missions, Rogues/Spies with kind of splinter cell gameplay.Adapt the gameplay to what kind of character u want to play.Tired of the this guys is tank, this is healer, this is dps, theres is no current diference in the gameplay besides roles and abilitys, no immersion in the profession u choose.

-Even creating a city or your own faction and u could introduce the managment game type.Or building a store and collecting resources evolve from the usual go there collect typex resource, to a more like tycoon model.

an all in the same game :)


Well just what came to my mind this morning by the time i woke up.Really looking up for your opinion.

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