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Imperial Dawn - Federation RP/PVP/STF

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Imperial Dawn Banner


::^:: The terminal in your ready room displays an unread message ::^::


Important Federation Bulletin

From: Admiral Quinn

Stardate: 90801.37

Attention all personnel. It has been brought to our attention that the Aethyrian Imperium has successfully established a set of colonies and starbases located in the Delta Quadrant under the name Imperial Dawn.

Empress Xuan has sent Ambassador Kovol to us with some important information. An event that took place, over a decade ago, stranded a large contingent of survivors of a calamity from a alternate timeline in our own timeline. This event is quite complex and still under study.

The details as we have them so far suggest that after the Voyager made contact with the Undine, aka Species 8472 in the Delta Quadrant, they prepared and launched a large scale invasion of the Alpha Quadrant which never arrived. A failed attempt to open a wormhole directly from fluidic space to the Sol system instead ripped a hole through the space time continuum and stranded their Armada in what we are calling the Alterian Dimension (Where as our own is the Prime Dimension).

The events occurring as a result of this miscalculation decimated an ancient Empire in a galactic war that lasted for many years. A counter offensive was mounted and a weapon launched with the intent of sending the Undine back to the Prime Dimension. This however had the unforseen consequences of opening thousands of tears in the fabric of space stranding the members of this empire along with the Undine here in the Prime Dimension. The survivors have formed an alliance with the Federation of Planets and is now seeking out any members who may still as of yet be lost. Many of the survivors have reported cases of varying degrees of amnesia and might have taken up residency and stations in Starfleet & the Federation. 

Please find attached additional information regarding this event and how to determine if you or members of your crew are from this empire and how to go about joining the Imperial Dawn.

Thank you,

Admiral Quinn

Imperial Dawn Political Map of the Milky Way showing the location of the Imperium in the Delta Quadrant.



:::::: Attachement 1a ::::::

OOC Overview of the Empire (Fleet)

We are a mature Federation Fleet who does a lot of things together. Our main rules are simple, Help each other, Be social, Ask questions and learn if you don't already know.

We are open to all types of players but consider ourselves a laid back but very active RP oriented Fleet. We do things together often such as STF's and Fleet Actions. 

We have a Mumble server for VOIP. 

Website Full of information and regular updates regarding the empire.

 We have carved a place for ourselves as full members of the Federation of Planets. We have settled in the Detla Quadrant's "Unknown" region giving the Federation a foothold there through us. We are an empire and asserting ourselves in such a way as seen fit by the Martriarch and her council.


Imperial Dawn Insignia



:::::: Attachement 1b ::::::

Rank Structure

The names of ranks within the Empire are as follows:

Tier 1: Initiate

Tier 2: Acolyte

Tier 3: Adept

Tier 4: Titan

Tier 5: Tempest

Tier 6: Guardian

Tier 7: Empress

To advance within the Empire you must be social, helpful & contribute toward the Fleet Starbase/Embassy development (Currently Tier 3 with a Tier 1 Embassy dating back to 2011 with many special limited time embelishments and upgrades.)

It helps you advance more quickly if you also Role Play your character when ever possible. Our Fleet channel is OOC with light RP allowed. We have seperate channels for IC only use and a cross faction channel for our members to keep in contact with each other when on KDF or the upcoming Romulan Alts.


:::::: Attachement 2a ::::::


Historical Differences between timelines

 Some of the various differences between timelines especially how it relates to Earth aka Terra in the Alterian Dimension. First, the most important difference is when and how they became a space faring species. They made first contact over 8,000 years ago in Ancient China. As a result most of the "modern earth cultures" are not present in the altered timeline. The races still exist but under a very different tone. Think Ancient Egypt in space, or Ancient Persia, the Native Americans, Mayans, Incas, Vikings, European Pagans, and so on. 

 To keep this as free-form as possible we will operate under the premise that "anything can happen" in that 8,000 years. Mankind spread out among the stars in their old forms and like the federation began to blend with other species and colonize other planets. In this way you can be both a human and unique from the typical starfleet Human, so we refer to them as Terrans to distinguish a difference. All species exist in the parallel universe and even some that don't in this one! 

 Each species will be identified by their origin using a simple logic. Home-worlders are born on their native planets, Spacers are born in space stations orbiting planets etc, Boomers are born in space ships & colonists or off-worlders are born on their non native planets depending on if it was colonized by them or another species. Using these basic principals of Terra and origins our fleet members should be capable of letting their imaginations run wild with their characters development & history. The sky really is the limit here. The unifying factor is how they are all "currently" (meaning at the time of the dimensional crossing) members of the Aethyrian Imperium.

 Each new recruit will have one of the senior members of the Fleet aid them in creating a proper story for their bio which includes their pre-crossing history and what they've been doing for the last 10 years since the crossing occurred.

 A Matriarchal society which spanned an entire galaxy and under dynastic rule for over 10,000 years. That society was comprised of thousands of species from across the universe but ended abruptly when a trans-dimensional rift tore a hole through the "Core Worlds" caused by an unknown species believed to be Species 8472, The Undine. 

 An assault fleet arrived through a portal and swept across several systems before a proper defense could be mounted. During an interrogation it was ascertained that the Undine fleet was stranded in that dimension and had missed it's target objective: The Annihilation of the Alpha Quadrant. This single course of events is possibly the only reason the Alpha Quadrant still exists today. 


:::::: Attachement 2b ::::::

The Old Consortium Overview

The Consortium was comprised of many areas each with a unique and robust structuring. Some ideas to help with the creation of characters bio & history pre-crossing:


  • The Eslites* - The Politburo of the upper houses which are broken in to subgroups by area of study. (TE for short)
  • Grand Order of the Imperial Sentinels - The Royal Guard assigned to protect the upper house members. (OIS for short)
  • Order of the Adeptus Articean* - The Artists, artisans, scientists & philosophers. (OAA for short)
  • Order of the Adeptus Mechaneasa* - The engineers, inventors & craftsmen. (OAM for short)
  • Keepers of the Imperium* - The Military arm of the Consortium which is divided in to individual subgroups based on function and location.
  • The Syndicate - Traders, businessmen, independent captains, privateers are all linked via the Syndicates registry database. (TS for short)


 All members must be willing to RP as a refugee of the Aethyrian Imperium now stranded in the Prime Dimension from the Alterian Dimension after a cataclysmic event occurred. 

(More may be added at a later date)

This is not a definitive all inclusive list rather a starting point to help people on their way to deciding what their character did and to which group they might have belonged prior to the crossing. As of this point in time there are no real limitations to who or what can belong to each of these groups. Each group ideally will have an office of the Fleet which will be the main liaison/commander of that sub-grouping to help organize and maintain their members needs.


:::::: Attachement 2c ::::::


Empirical Dynasty Profile

(Note: Not all members of the Empire are the same species as the Matriarchs, this is merely a profile of the species which ruled in the alternate timeline. All species known to the Milky Way are also known to exist in the Alterian Dimension, albeit with a different history and development)

Species: Aethyrian (Alien)
Place of Birth: Aethyria Prime
Dimension: Alterian
Species Traits: Shapeshifting & Planewalking

Species History:  The Empire was founded over 10,000 years ago and ruled in an unbroken dynastic line of 19 different Matriarchs for the entire duration. The empire brought each planet within the Milky Way into the Consortium of Planets (Called The Consortium for short and is akin to the Federation of Planets of the Prime dimension). The Consortium has within it all manors of alien life and business represented in a form of monarchy topped republic.

The Aethyrians are a deeply spiritual & evolved species which values life and creativity above all other standards. They sought ascension to a higher plane. They had attained a level of quantum awareness which caused each individual to "meld" with a being from the "Astral Plane". This "Duality" was the core of most of their beliefs and the only thing which was considered mandatory for all members of the Aethyrian Species.

 Anyone who wishes to RP an Aethyrian must only meet one basic requirement.. they should be of the racial type "Alien" in the character creation process. Achieving the proper look will be something a member can help you with. This is to support their Rp'd out abilities such as Shapeshifting and selecting options for their character such as telepathy and telekinesis. 

 The Matriarchs are female Aethyrians of a particular family. The species overall are very emotionally evolved. They are in a way the opposite of a Vulcan. They do not suppress their emotions nor are they ruled by them. They have faced their emotions and mastered them. As a result they rarely are victim of lesser emotions such as Malice, Hatred, Jealousy, etc. They embrace the higher emotions such as love, joy, empathy, compassion, remorse and sadness.

The Aethyrians are comprised of 3 sexes 1 of which cannot shapeshift.

  • The females are the tallest of the three types of Aethyrians. They have gifted minds and can change their shape with little effort starting at a very young age. It is however difficult to maintain these shapes for long durations and certainly not while unconscious. They are the leaders of their species empire and have lived as an "Amazonian society" since their primitive origins. Almost all females have either major telepathy or major telekensis with minor traits in the other. All have strong empathic abilities.


  • The males of the species are a bit larger than a human but a bit smaller than their female counterparts. They possess limited shapeshifting abilities. Most can only change colors and are able to maintain that color for as long as they wish. Some can shift their entire form but only with years of dedicated practice. They have major telekinesis only.


  • The third sex is called the Myrim and are host to the offspring of their species. They are highly respected within their society and are often given lavish gifts in exchange for carrying out their services. Many will live with a family while carrying the child produced by the male and female. They are incapable of shape-shifting but are major Empaths, minor Telepaths and have the unique ability to determine the gender of the child they carry in the womb. As a result it is rare for standard duo-sexual relations for the purpose of producing offspring which is called Vying.


The most important thing to us is to have fun, a good group of people can go a long way. We are accepting all levels of players because fixing levels and gear is easy. Fixing personalities not so much. If you have a creative mind and are interested in getting the most out of your game time then it's quite possible we are the right fleet for you. So don't wait contact one of our recruiters today! Warrin@devlar2, Asag@asagorcus, Kessa@ArcaneDeath, Vaarak@minecrafter9723, Kovol@gigglefairies, or Xuan@alaerick for an interview and recruitment.


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