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A Game that can keep me seated.

LeaningKidGokuLeaningKidGoku Member Posts: 41

First off, I would like to thank all who told me about Atlantica Online, I loved it but quit awhile ago because of my rage towards the arena. -_-  But anyways I am looking for a MMO with less grind. I cannot tell you how much I hate grinding in games but I understand at a certain level it's hard not to grind, but when you have to do over 50 Daily & Weekly Quest, and kill atleast over 200 of a certain mob and etc, thats when I throw in the towel.

Well what got me into MMOs anyway was my favorite childhood game, (dot)Hack. And it was what  made me actually look for games I can actualy play with real people, I still search constantly for a game just like it, but I know it's a waste of time, but if any of you know a game thats just atleast close, I would love you forever.  So besides all that, I am looking for a game with as little grinding as possible, also great classes (The Mage, Knight, Rouge, shit won't cut it. It's 2013 think of some classes that's not like the others.) I'm a social person so the more populated the better.  And that is all the details I can think of in a game I would like.., if you know games that's close to this description please let me know it would be much helped.



  • cconroy11cconroy11 Member UncommonPosts: 22
    hop on the bus my friend, I think a lot of us are looking for a far more social experience that is offered these days.

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