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Any good Japanese MMOs to recommend? (untranslated ones)

CyathCyath Member Posts: 10
I tend to prefer to play Japanese games, and since I can speak and read Japanese fluently it's a match made in heaven! Thing is, there aren't that many Japanese MMOs localized, so I have to play the Japanese versions...

...which wouldn't be a problem if they weren't all region-locked. I've been thinking about getting a Japanese VPN so I can play more Japanese MMOs, but I can't find that many to play. So far the only one I have my eye on is Fighter's Club Online.
A few more would make it worth my while to get a VPN 

I prefer action-RPG style games, like Dragon Nest, Rusty Hearts, and the aforementioned Fighter's Club Online. Also played Dungeon Fighter for a while and enjoyed it. I like a good story too. 

Any good games to recommend? I browsed around for a while in both English and Japanese but I couldn't find review sites or anything similar. There are just so many MMOs out there that it's gets tiring ploughing through all of them, so I decided to ask here.


  • ClaumClaum Member Posts: 63

    Japanese aren't to much into MMOS, they have the best animes and horror movies , good MMOS usualy are made in Korea, I think Capcom is Japanese they made DevilMayCry series and they also made Resident Evil series.

    Capcom has some new MMO called Ixion-Saga , it has nice graphics but i guess it's action oriented and it's only in Japannese.

    The best Japannese MMO i guess it's going to be Phantasy Star Online 2 which has a pretty good reputation and we have high hopes for that one because not to mnay sci-fi MMO out there. It will release in couple of months and maybe I'ts worth to check it.

  • GennerallGennerall Member Posts: 46

    Phantasy Star online 2 would be your best bet - http://pso2.jp/

    Theres also Shin megami Tensei Online by Atlus, which is rather good despite being a little old now.

  • CyathCyath Member Posts: 10

    Hmm, played that for a while, it was decent but not great. 

    SM Imagine IS a bit old. Also, as a fan of the original SMT games, I must say I don't really like the MMO version. :(

  • gothagotha Member UncommonPosts: 1,071
    The Japanese so missed the boat when it comes to computers.  Good arcade,  console,  and mobile devices but with computers they are just seemed to have skipped them entirely.
  • PhaserlightPhaserlight Member EpicPosts: 3,002

    I was born in Tokyo, and grew up both there and in Sendai (a couple hours north on the main island Honshu).

    Vendetta Online has a constructed language that looks very far-eastern (containing both phonetic and pictographic alphabets).


    I actually took it upon myself to translate the backstory into Japanese, although my reading and writing is not as good as my speaking.  I'd very much appreciate your feedback on it.

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  • ClaumClaum Member Posts: 63

    Anyway i have a few old good Japanese movies like Twilight Samurai, and Harakiri Death of A Samurai, Hidden Blade and 7 Samurai. Their Anime is absolutely one of the best Media around the world. Japense girls are hot .

    I like their style i wish I could travel there ones and get home a nice old Samurai sword from an older Era :D

    I have big respects for the Japense and  this is why maybe i will try Pso 2 even do THE GAME IS  prety childish.

    The japanese also have blue sign on the 'foreign map information' which means they don't have problem with foreigners. China , Russia, eastern Europe are the most Red and Germans ,U.S.A are greys middle :D

    So yeah japanese awesome culture would be awesome if they would make more MMOs,

  • CyathCyath Member Posts: 10

    I just wrote a whole long nice post and it got erased by the forums. Now I gotta type it up again. Sigh. :( 

    Here we go then!

    There are actually a lot of reasons why the Japanese don't make as many PC as console games, and I wrote a few down, but they got erased, so to summarize :

    1. Some companies do make PC games, like Falcom. Great ones too.

    2. Most Japanese PC games are erogames or doujin soft. I won't go further into that. :)

    I took a lot at the translation. It isn't too bad, but it's kind of obvious that it's not something you do often (don't worry, neither do I!) I get the meaning of the sentences, but the phrasing is kind of awkward.

    I love anime and Japanese movies too! Just not the super cutesy stuff that seems to be all the rage these days. I'd like to play more anime-styled MMOs but there don't seem to be enough good ones. 

    I prefer action RPGs but I don't mind other genres (especially RPG or SRPG) if they are good. I like trying out new things. Sega just released a new MOBA that looks interesting (name escapes me at the moment)

    Keep the comments and suggestions coming! I appreciate them. ^_^

  • WizardryWizardry Member LegendaryPosts: 17,824

    FFXi doesn't fall under the JPN MMO genre for you?

    Released only in JPN for the first year and is the only MMO with a language translator.You can type in JPN or english,then hit the translator and it sends it out so the other person can read it.It does have a limited word base,but it is a rather large one that covers most everything in the game.


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  • CyathCyath Member Posts: 10

    Ahhh, FF11. I spent a good bit of time on that game! Yeah, it definitely qualifies as a Japanese MMO, and a great one at that! 

    Unfortunately (or fortunately!) I quit it because it just too much time to get anything done in game. That, and you needed a party for EVERYTHING. 

  • KarteliKarteli Member CommonPosts: 2,646

    Wizardry Online (original thats been out a for a good while) is Japanese isn't it?


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