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Build your guild city, conquer new territories etc.

Lord_thoorinLord_thoorin Member Posts: 2

Hello you.
I have a favorite type of games that I did not seem very widespread and I do not know how one could be called.
Enough, I searched and nothing but about 2 games found. So now to the point, since childhood I was a born leader, I tend to create an incentive rank system faction / clan / guild / tribe, its hierarchy, look for new members, etc. This I can actually meet in many games, clans, etc. really has a lot of games , so it would not be a problem. But the problem is that while I the Conqueror.
Thus, looking for a game where I can lead my own clan or something, but mostly so we can have our own territory, to fight for this territory with other, etc.
The games I tried it just match the Tribal wars and their variations - but you get bored with me and, moreover, were quite time consuming. Another game was the plugin Minecraft Factions - this corresponds to my description and it's been very fun basic game, but unfortunately with the factions plugin
contains a very large number of gaps and errors. Maybe it is the servers that I tried, maybe if i have my own server I would, to some extent to get rid of those backlogs :-).

And i do not like anime and that asian MMORPGs.

I found 3 games which can be good. The first was Wurm online, it was great but we were only 4 in the location, and it was lagging. If we are much more it would be unplayable and with 4 people thats no battle :-D. Another game is Mortal online. It looked realy great, but when i switched on the game, it was so lagging! It lagged even i got the lowest graphic options. And the last one who looks good is Darkfall, but unfortunately it's not f2p :-(.
So to summarize: Looking for a game where I can with my clan to conquer enemy territory, of course, defend our territory against enemies. I want normal game, not browser based.
Thank you. (and sorry for my english)


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