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Grinding is boring right, GW2 and Tera have the solution.



  • darkedone02darkedone02 Member UncommonPosts: 581

    I don't have a problem with certain games with a grinding curve, the only thing i only felt bored of is doing it multiple times, expecially when your doing it again on an alt, and another alt, etc. That's why i get tired of doing dailies in WoW after i continue getting the dull vibe of renewable quest of kill x of y. Hell i think trying to get these achievements are just like the quests in WoW but with some difficulty of gaining it, for ahieve-o-holics out there.

    An mmorpg that contains quests will most like contain grind, a game without quests will lead to alot of grind, as you focus on getting certain time that mob drop.


  • MMOExposedMMOExposed Member RarePosts: 7,234
    Originally posted by Amjoco
    Originally posted by Jemcrystal
    I'm not playing GW2 or TERA or WoW or any MMO because they are all a big fat grind; devolpers are fart brains and can't make a creative world like Little Big Planet, Minecraft, and TS2.  At least WoW let their public play with their UI - the reason WoW became popular but no one remembers that.

    WoW became popular because you could play with your UI?


    Wow took many ideas from older MMOs. ui changing, was popular new feature in MMOs from AC. WoW took its UI system from there.

    AC2 tried to be more themepark before the THEMEPARK was mainstream like today and failed its previous fans. So when they decided to make AC3 which was more THEMEPARK than AC2,  they figured it would best to not use the AC IP for it, which the fans will be the first to give negative first impression. So they changed the IP on the design to Lord of The Rings. Which was a hit success. 

    Sequels never work out well it would seem. Or at least as well as the original MMO. IP change is better for a sequel. Because the image starts fresh. But that's a bit off topic.


  • iixviiiixiixviiiix Member RarePosts: 2,249

    If we redefined what "grind" , i think we can find out ways to make the solution.


    In my point of view . "grind" are what you feel ,

    and because of that , each people feel "grind" difference than other.

    Some feel less grind and some feel it heavy.

    So how to make "grind" feeling disappear ?


    It simple. Change the goal of player , and they will feel lest grind.

    You only feel it "grind" when your brain tell you

    "hey, you have to kill 1000 monster to level up, they are exp , they are goal you need to do"

    So you feel like you have to kill 1000 same mobs . That make you feel grind.


    But what if you twist the goal in your head ?

    Most normal way to twist it's ramdom drop. You know the feeling when you gamble right ?

    That's the feeling you need. Ramdom good drop.

    Hope to hit a gold mine . That make you feel lest grind.


    Feeling of fight to win. that another way to to twist "grind" to fun

    You siege a castle , you kill thousand NPC soldiers , they are same mobs.

    But you goal's win the fight , take over the castle.

    Do you feel "grind" when you kill 10000 of same soliders ?

    No ,

    Because your goal are'nt kill them , your goal are take over the castle.

    You don't feel you "grind" them when you kill them.


    Do you feel grind when you mine thousand unknown ore and some time hit a jack will gold.

    It will twist "grind" to joy


    There are alot example to twist "grind" to fun. It too many that i can't tell all

    but developer never try to notice them.

    They don't see them or they don't want to see ?



    I wonder lol.

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