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Warframe: Why You Should Be Playing It

SilentstormSilentstorm Member UncommonPosts: 1,126

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Ever wanted to be a space ninja? Cool you did how about being just like the predator? Still interested you’re the man or woman. Well War frame basically is this and a whole lot more. It’s a 3rd person shooter with run and gun style and flare. You do have strategy elements like stealth crowd control and healing aspects. I’ll list all the pro’s and cons as always you the gamer will decide if it’s for you. But the game has far more pro’s then con’s


Style: The game has a nice look and feel graphics are excellent you will feel bad ass.

Sound: It has above average sounds music is good in most places.

Guns: The guns in the game have nice play to them. I haven’t run across any gun or weapon being weird needing unrealistic aiming to work.

Trade Skills: Something I like in games is when they have the ability to freely get things you can buy. The trade skill system allows you to earn everything. With a lot of hard work it can even come too easy at times.

War frames: They all have different feels looks and need to be used different ways. You can’t really force outside tactics on a tank war frame. Like you can’t force tanky tactics on a stealth war frame. Well you can but with the power system the war frame will be gimped.

Mods/Power System: Speaking of powers the system was recently changed and it’s a card system now. You find cards and place them in your War frame or weapons. You want to place the proper polarity in the proper slot. That allows you to place more cards for more powers. You can also upgrade each card by fusing it with cards you don’t need.

Quest/Gameplay: This game is all instanced you do missions on planets and moons. Recently added were outdoor environments and bases. They are excellent to fight in and breaks up the normal flow. You have assassinated missions, Rescue, Capture, Destroy, and Protect.

Pets: You get pets called sentinel which are not very useful at first. They need a lot of lvling up and love before they be a major factor in the game for you. Right now you can only have 2 a stealth type and a combat type.

Market: The market isn’t pay2win but you can pay to do things faster. In my opinion that does nothing because you will still be a noob with a good War frame unleveled. So to be honest I choose to earn my suits. And support the company by buying small items. Or maybe the in game currency for a special look.



Slowdown: I have a good Rig in team missions with all powers going off. My pc says um yea wtf is going on and slows down. Not sure if it’s the game or me but I don’t usually lag.

Repeatable Effect: You do get the sense you have been there and done that too much. The game needs more modes to break up that feeling. It has a lot as it is but it needs more.

Lack of Bosses: The game needs more of an epic feel of taking things down. I think at the moment the game only has 9 bosses. I think more big baddies are in order here.

Green Lasers: They are more annoying than game play you can get by them but it breaks immersion.

Sentinels Useless: They draw agro and die from close to everything. Making it a little hard to level them correctly.

Colors Should Be Droppable or made: As the header says that should happen I mean come on its colors.

Shop Currency Chances:  Not many but we should at least HAVE some kind of way to earn it beyond paying for it.

No Auction House: I think it’s weird when a game doesn’t have one. This game needs one it is nice to have.

No world chat: I feel every game should have this as well. It’s hard to just meet people just in each solo mission 3 at a time.


In all I give this game a 9 because it’s polished fun and the updates are frequent. And each update the game manages to improve great leaps. So I’ll suggest this game to anyone.

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