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[Preview] DayZ: The Standalone Makes a Splash at PAX East



  • juggernautJesusjuggernautJesus Member Posts: 16
    Originally posted by eric_w66

    The main problem I see with this game is the fact it's driven by 'Rocket's ego. Not the best development plan.

    The style of game is one I like, but having the game develop on the whims of a single person.... that's so 1983.

    No. No no no. THIS is what makes Day-Z great. If more developers had a say on it, we would have CoD-Z.  Letting the developer do what he actually WANTS is a huge chunk of what the gaming industry has lost. How could you support that? Focusing on one or a few developers visions and not have them be changed by the stupid masses is what creates innovation and creativity and not generic bullshit. That's where all of the classics came from (which were much much better): the brains of a small group of developers making games that they personally thought were awesome.

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