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WTB Crack/speed LF MMO with Buffs

Ra1phRa1ph Member Posts: 2

Hello!  Hope you guys can help me. I've been in search for a mmo that has buffing classes more importantly buffs that increase atk speed.  

I've previously played EQ1+2 / Anarchly online / Lineage 2 even Rose onine. Vanguard and Wow have buffs but don't show much beefyness when casted upon as the previous mmos. I want high level buffs that can be casted on lowbies enabling them to kill mobs 10-20 lvls higher than them.

I remember playing an Enchanter on EQ and ppl would travel from one end of the zone just to get a haste(speed)/clarity (crack)buff, even paying money for it. Same with AO and its soldier/fixer buffs. I really miss that dependance on support class types. I miss power leveling alts of others and myself. Gear didn't matter coz you had these awesome buffs.

Hope to hear some suggestions. Thanks 

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