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MMO that requires a lot of APM

MertzaSkertzMertzaSkertz Member UncommonPosts: 161
So I am a huge fan of starcraft, however I am getting tired of playing the same game. I really enjoy how it makes me multitask and requires me to think quick and react. Are their any mmos out their that require me to do this? I am not necessarily looking for an mmorts, although I would not reject such an offer.


  • strangiato2112strangiato2112 Member CommonPosts: 1,538

    no games are even close to this for PvE.  High end PvP maybe.  Something like WoW's arenas where its not a zerg and highly skilled team vs highly skilled team requires a lot of quick thinking and acting.  WoW may not have the best PvP on the market but its probably the most fluid and the arena feature is key.


    Not sure how a more actiony game like TERA would fare at high end PvP, possibly even better for you.

  • RingsideRingside Member UncommonPosts: 249
    Darkfall Online Unholy Wars... the 1.0 was better but the Unholy Wars Beta is going strong
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