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Hey guys, im from the Trials Evo Gold community!

ilovetopvpilovetopvp Member UncommonPosts: 18

Hey guys, i want to help out the community and track creators, so what i'm doing is going to be kinda like what the youtuber akamikeb is doing. if you don't know what he does, i'll explain it. he likes to do a weekly series of finding tracks that people make, and recording them, and showing off peoples talent. Which is what i'm hoping to accomplish. Now im nowhere near as good as he is, or as funny as he is, but i still want to help people get there tracks noticed. so i want to upload a video 2-3 times a week of trials tracks. Good & just plain bad. If you want me to check out your track and throw it up on my channel just message me on youtube/twitter or even leave a comment on here. I'll keep checkin back to this thread everyday (:

my youtube user name is youtube.com/user/Derekjones94 so look me up!

First video: http://youtu.be/9vT7ZV_sUko (:

I look forward to all the tracks coming out and i appreciate all the track creators.


And sorry for the poor quality on my first video, i didnt realize i wasn't recording in HD

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