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PofBS Issues

So I just re-downloaded PotBS because a bunch of old mates returned to the game recently. It's pretty cool they brought back the 1st and 2nd rates and made some other changes to ship balancing so ensure that port battles aren't won or lost by the skirm group.

Here is my problem: with free to play most established players are managing multiple accounts that they had accrued as friends left the game. I am talking about 15- 35 accounts each.  When the game was pay to play it made sense to limit factory slots to 10 per account, but now all it does it give a "normal" player (one with one account) a huge disadvantage compared to these established players.

I don't see Portalus fixing this as it helps to greatly exaggerate the number of active accounts. But they really need to consider doing one thing:


Thank you



  • itchmonitchmon Member UncommonPosts: 1,821
    to tell the truth even if they made econ slots in excess of ten available thru the treasure aisle, it would be great.  it's among the things they need to do the most imho, along with adding more area to the map and raising the level limit 

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  • free2playfree2play Member UncommonPosts: 1,986
    I really liked this game. I just wish they had made more map. It was too small and you soon found yourself repeating the same few things in short time.
  • CorehavenCorehaven Member UncommonPosts: 1,533

    I think I'm only beginning to really understand the economy of this game, and I've participated in it very little thus far.  It is very complex.  The last thing production in this game needs is more hassle on top of being already complex. 


    I think I could find myself eventually enjoying the complexity of the economic system.  But no one enjoys a hassle along with that. 


    So I'm in absolute agreement.  Good post.  I do hope you would at least post this over in the POBS  forums though.  So a developer might read it....maybe.  At least it's a chance. 

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