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Navyfield 2 NA cbt impressions

Chivalry1978Chivalry1978 Member Posts: 184

Seeing as the eula said nothing about talking about this game in an open enviroment and considering that the game has been out in Japan for a bit and had a P.E.T. in the eu, I am allowed to give my 2 cents on this game.


First understand I played the original navyfield back in beta. I struggled the hardships of learning manual aim , to which I got really good at it. I played every class of ship in the game and learned all the little tricks to each. So I figured I would have an advantage playing this latest adaptation. I was wrong. One of the biggest flaws to the original was the fact that people only played the great battles 1 and later 2. There was no one trying to run any of the missions, the pay out wasnt worth it at all. And the single player missions were such a joke no one bothered other then to test their new ships. Many aspects of the original actually got streamed lined out as they were not all that used or useful in the most common modes of play. 

Now keeping the above mentioned info in mind, SDnet, the makers of both titles decided to incorporate some of the aspects that seemed to get left on the side of the original into the new one, but made it required. There are a few ways to do damage in this game. Damage and kills equals out to higher placement on the results page. Thus doing the most damage means something. Now obvious in a ship game shooting other ships with ordinace such as 10 inch gun fire or torpedoes, will cause damage and thus score. However a constant stream of damage can be achieved by attacking bases. Now you dont just have to shoot these bases either. If a base is not capped you can launch troops at it. These troops basicly are a constant stream of damage and thus damage. And like any other game with capture points you can run from one to another, or in this case sail.

Now this all may seem simple, however it is not. When you consider that this game uses many aspects of math and tradjectory to land a hit on a moving target while you your self are moving, it may take a little bit to get the hang of it. Not to mention the controls are not the most forgiving. So all in all its a challenge, but one that can be mastered with a little bit of practice.

Now as in all sequels there are always the flaws. And here they are. 

NF1 the Battleships were kings of the sea, however in keeping with reality, torpedoes could spell death. Not to mention the need for Aircraft carriers to provide eyes on the battle as well as to drop bombs on other cvs and battlesihips hiding in the back. Yet in nf2 torpedoes are kinda weak. Now if this is based on level, or just a generalized nerf not sure as the beta is in spurts of 6 hr blocks every day. However, from what i have gleemed off my European friends the damage of torps and diver bombers and torp bombers as well as subs are pretty much gimped. Why I have no idea as they were part of the balance in this game to make sure no one class of ships was dominate. It also ensures that every ship has a role in the game.


Now this is just beta no tweaksm or balance yet. But lets hope they get it right.


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