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Minecraft LAN issue.

mastersomratmastersomrat Member UncommonPosts: 373

Speaking of minecraft.  I know this game is not an mmo (per say).  I'm hoping someone can give me some ideas / advise.  I want to play minecraft via LAN (with mods, RP2, IC2, BulldCraft mainly).  I created a map (new world) on my PC/Win7, then convert to LAN.  On the other PC/WinXP, I start minecraft (game and mods rev numbers match) and I can connect.  The problem we are having is that on the connecting PC, after connected, the graphics / world is all messed up.  We can find each other as well as the project I was working on; however, we have blocks in the sky, missing ground blocks, etc.


Any advise would be helpfull.


Currently running rev number 1.4.6 on everything because RP2 mods have not updated yet.

Server PC connected cia wired for router

Connected PC connected via wireless to rourer.

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