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thinking about trying

XirxiesXirxies Member Posts: 20
ive been on the prowl for a game to play but im limited as to what i can play cu my laptop thats only a year and a half old cant play the newer games out atm... tried planetside but the game crashes before it launchs atleast it did in beta. GW2 i havent tried but i dont wanna buy something that i probably wont be able to play. when FFXIV comes out im not sure i will be able to play that either so my question is, is this worth me downloading and trying the free trial or a waste of time?


  • beb2592beb2592 Member UncommonPosts: 61

    I have just started up Final Fantasy 11 myself, and am LOVING it. It is a little bit more complicated than many newer MMOs but I would say give the trial a shot. I jumped in and bought the game before the trial but found a good Linkshell (guild) that is helping me to understand everything... they even gave me a good amount of gil to get started! I love the community in this game and see myself playing this for awhile. I even ordered the expansion. 


    Anyway I would recommend the trial just to see if you can get over the differences to many modern MMOs. Don't get me wrong, it is not as complicated as a game like EVE but it is no World of Warcraft as well. Find a group of good players that would help you out and you will have a good time. Also, I can recommend the server Odin. It seems very populated and, like I previously stated, has a great community.

  • WizardryWizardry Member LegendaryPosts: 19,332

    At one time FFXI was really tough,not much information and the game offers no hand holding.

    Now there is all the information you need online vis FFXIWikpedia.

    Although i never disliked the old design,the new design really favors easy mode,you can solo quite easily.

    The pros and cons??

    Pros..offers almost anything you can get in any other game and much more content and new ideas never seen before.However much still needs a group,you can't solo all content,but you can solo levels.Best combat system ever designed,also has more depth than any game.I love beseiged but it is extremely laggy becuase of so much bandwidth and gpu power to draw everything.You can't do Beseiged until around level 50+. hand holding [some like that,some don't]No elite housing like in EQ2.No linear questing to get xp or does not use hotbars,you have to make your own macros.I prefer making my own macros,once you learn the commands [easy]it offers a lot more to game play,the game is actually designed to utilize macros.

    Abyssea is imo a CON,you need elite setups,gear and it is still a huge time sink.However you do not need to ever take part in Abyssea.

    Without question the easiest job to solo level is Beastmaster,imo it is also a fun class.You also want to get your NPC fellow as soon as you can,which is around level 30-40,it adds a lot of help,think of it like a pet that fights with you.


    Never forget 3 mile Island and never trust a government official or company spokesman.

  • XirxiesXirxies Member Posts: 20
    where can i get the free trial ive looked all over the website and i cant find it
  • beb2592beb2592 Member UncommonPosts: 61
    Is there no longer one? OR was there never... Sorry my bad I think I read that somewhere... or maybe it was another game. :/ Anyway I am updating my game now from today's update, only an hour left!
  • RagnaBahamutRagnaBahamut Member UncommonPosts: 11
    Originally posted by Xirxies
    where can i get the free trial ive looked all over the website and i cant find it

    go this link

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