Chaos at Easter Time in San Paro!

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APB: Reloaded has a new event and it is the closest thing to a chaos server that has been seen. There is a bunny out there who roams San Paro looking to cause trouble. You need to beat the eggs out of him, but be careful because when you do you instantly become wanted by every player in the server. Friends or allies, they can all kill you and steal your eggs. So be quick and turn those eggs in to get some swag!


Now that I whored myself out for the game I like I will simply say that this is the funnest event I have seen in APB yet. There is nothing more terrifying then trying to pick up a bunch of eggs as ten cars are rushing to run you over and you know there even more only a little ways behind them.


Unofficial Promo Video


  • MaxJacMaxJac Member Posts: 185

    Find Bunnyface and mug him by bashing the "F" key. Even enforcers can mug for once!

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