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How did it all come to this?

DihoruDihoru Member Posts: 2,731

Be warned all who enter, this is likely gonna be a depressing conversation on the realities of the world we live in:


First of a little primer to the conversation:

I've personally been unfortunate wittness to human suffering from a young age, the worse of which was a 2 week period spent in the hospital in my early teens... it was a peculiar mix of hope and utter despair in the ward I got put into for my condition . Since those 2 weeks for more than a decade I've lived my life but also took note of what was going on around me and in the world and with a near eidetic memory there's allot kicking around in my skull these days.


Now onto the topic proper:

While watching a TV show today I was indirectly informed of the existence a movement within the Americas to turn homosexual individuals back to the "right path" and that said movement had camps where young gay individuals may be subject to... less than orthodox methods of "righting". Now I am not saying people are getting tortured in said camps but after searching a bit I've run across rumours that that isn't so far fetched. My question is: Why waste so much money, so many resources, so much time and so much energy on something so patently... inhuman? ( I am relatively sure the charter for human rights includes self-determination in all civilized countries).


I am pretty much at a loss as to why such life sinks are even allowed to exist ( I mean there are so many that offer no benefit tangible or otherwise ) when humanity is facing a crucible period in its collective existence, I mean there's famine, war, disease, rampant illiteracy to name a few of the ones we're inflicting upon ourselves on which the Universe adds: currently exploitable energy reserves, fossil fuels, are going the way of the dodo, renewable sources are not yet up and the daddy of all solutions, fusion energy, still being 40-50 years from having a commercial reactor for mass use (and that's a projection, South Korea's going for broke and has already started construction on its reactor but God knows if the kinks in ITER will be worked out before they start it up), climate change (apparently the toasty weather we're having thanks to all the green house gases in the air is leading up to an ice age which may very well hit this century), the solar climax (the sun's basically in a multi-year period of hyperactivity, started up in 2011, expected duration last I checked was up until 2015 but anyone's guess if that's gonna be how it works out and if the sun won't throw a parting fit) and last but by no means least there's a Gamma Ray burst level supernova grade star pointing in our general area which may not sound like much but the last one to hit the Earth, and it is thought to have only been a glancing hit, killed off 80-90% of all life on the Earth.


Now with all that said....what the Hell is wrong with people to consider homosexuality a issue worth any time beyond the time it takes to say "respect life and the laws and you can do it with whomever you want regardless of their gender" ? The time spent saying anything more can be spent helping to feed people dying of starvation, or finding new ways to save children who can't be saved by current medicine can't, or helping humanity reach a new level of social and technical evolution, or at least something beyond something even the most amorphous rock would facepalm to due to its utter density.


Maybe someone can clue me in on what logic such narrowminded individuals use to divert so much energy to their own cause because right now I am just looking at the whole situation and thinking of a rat chaining himself to a sinking ship and then convincing every other rat near him to do the same.



  • HazelleHazelle Member Posts: 760

    They profit from holding those views (sometimes financially) and this website doesn't allow me to explain why so you need to put yourself in their position and try to see the world from their prospective.

    After what you've typed above I don't really see a difference between their insistance that you behave their way and your insistance that they behave your way.


  • delete5230delete5230 Member EpicPosts: 6,881

    You have Spiritually and Sociology, of the two Sociology does not work !....GOD never gave people the ability to tap into the intellect and the sole.  Yet Sociology is considered a science and is funded....It's a waist of money.

    I have a friend that is depressed and violent.  I often talk to him as I'm a recovering Alcoholic.  In talking to him it is clear he is too, yet he went to a shrink first and got medicated and stays that way.  He admits that his talks are worthless and he goes just for the good meds as he calls it.

    Our government will always fund such things as it was made politically correct.

  • AmanaAmana Moderator UncommonPosts: 3,912
    This sort of discussion hasn't gone well on these forums before, and we've banned religious, ethics, and politically-based discussions as it is.

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