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A review of the game

BrownAleBrownAle Member Posts: 399

Well i tried Waren Story.  I think it was the open beta launch (or it could have been regular launch for all i know).  There was an XP even that was occuring, which is strange for a game thats this new...but whatever.  Reasons i jumped in was that it had no gender locked classes and was a new korean mmorpg.  Was in the mood i guess.

First of all.  The screen shots i saw on their website are not legit game screen shots.  They are renderd cut scenes that make the game look of high graphical detail.

This is what the game looks like


Yeah it looks super dated.  It plays just as dated as it looks.  You get a quest in the main city, you run out to the fields of mobs stading around waiting for you to farm them.  You kill 10-20 of them, run all the way back, turn in, get a new one, run all the way back out to the mobs standing 10 feet further and repeate.  Combat mechanics are dated, and dont make much sense.  My skills, they did slightly more damage than my auto attack, but with a massive animation delay, using animations i expect in a much older game. 

I messed around with this, getting 30 more damage for a skill that takes 3 auto attacks to run its course...isnt a dps improvement.  So i reset my skills and pumped every single point into one skill...still my auto attacks did more DPS over time.  So i put all my skills into auto attack related boosts like attack speed and bse game got even more boring.

I tried this all over again once i got to a higher level and some of the deeper skills in the tree opend up.  Auto attack was the way to go for my warrior.


Also, one striking fact that continued to haunt me.  Where are the player?  Even the most modest of mmropgs can get a busy feel come launch/open beta with cash shop open (which is launch in my book)

Theres one starting area, and the linear path is the same for all.  I saw about 5-20 people on, prime time, on a had just launched so people were not on the higher level maps, and when i got to the next map it was even more dead.  I saw three active players in chat, well about 5 only 3 spoke english.  Asked them where the people are.  Got insulted for asking and was told to just quit the game if im going to complain.  Ok..was an honest question, perhaps i was missing a popular map, or was missing out on a better way to level up. 

I honestly left the game feeling bad for the developers.  Did some web hunting.  Turns out this game was rejected by every f2p publisher, with aeria being the most recent ones to pass after a closed beta bout with the game.  These guys made 12sky which shut down, and i think 12sky2 shut down as well.  I remember playing 12sky2 and i think this game is that one reskinned into a fantasy world.  Also the publisher hosting the game is the developers, so dont expect easy communication if your playing, and i would expect they dont have the manpower to help support the games non vital aspects, such as dealing with disputes, problems, and player issues.

Oh, final thing.  The game has botting as a game mechanic.  Thats right.  Auto hunt while you sleep.  Fantastic.  Anyway i took the communities advice, did a bit of exploring, then logged off an wiped the game from my system.  Not sure if the game is the best they could do, in which case i feel bad and probably would have spent $5 in pity..or if its just a cheap money grab that a few developers did while reskinning their old game...which is what it looks like.

On to the next one for me.



  • mattic65mattic65 Member UncommonPosts: 191
    I've not read a single positive thing about this game, honestly. I knew that at a glance it was your typical Korean grindfest, but thought that maybe there was a hook, a gimmick, that set itself apart from other games of its ilk but there isn't. This game will end up dying without so much as a murmur. Why these games persist on washing up on western shores is beyond me. 
  • MystifiedMystified Member UncommonPosts: 1

    I have played this game for a bit and I will be honest on the features on the game. I will comment mainly on 2 sections of the game mainly questing and war events:



    The quest system on this game is boring and repetitive. It is always in the same pattern regardless of level zones. Kill x amount of mobs then turn in quest. Kill the same mob again to get a quest items and turn in quest. Kill boss version of mob and turn in quest then head over to the dungeon of the level zone and repeat all over again. I mean it is ok at first but if i have to level the same way 100s of times to the level cap (which is said to level level 100) it's going to get stale very quickly and have no replayability value.


    Regular and Annihilation Wars

    This 2 war events happens in alternate hours meaning you get different wars every 2 hours. The war events are always categorised by 10 levels meaning it is always in a 1 - 10 category (etc level 31 - 40). The annihilation wars is a PVE event whereby it is divided into 3 stages and it is the same kill the boss mobs and its minions but only in added difficulties.

    The regular war is a PVP event which is also in the same level categorisation as annihilation war. Now here is where the problem began. The team balancing system is a major issue in my opinion as it does not "pool" all the participants together before dividing them into teams. Instead it is by alternating selection so if A joins first he goes to team 1 and B joins second he will go to team 2 then C joins third he will go to team 1 and so on. I've participate heavily in regular wars and I've encounter massive team imbalance like team of high level 20s and level 30s against a team of low 20s or even worse case which I encountered once, 2 level 50s again 1 level 48. The thing is that regular wars gives a lot of honor points and exp so if you happened to enter at the wrong time and get slotted into a weak team then you're wasting 15 mins of your time getting killed and getting miserable sum of event rewards.


    The above is my honest review of the game through days of playing and participating in war events. As a gamer who have played many mmorpgs throughout the years, I have to give this game 1/10 due to the severely flawed game mechanics.

  • SwankyBoySwankyBoy Member UncommonPosts: 234

    Yeah just another cheap generic grindfest 

    Made a gameplay of the Annihilation War game mode but wont be playing it anymore most likely


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