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Developer notes for March 15th.

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For those that can't be asked to click a link.

For those that can't be asked to read TL;DR non-meta heroes will be buffed hopefully enough to be found common or even desired in s2 raids.

A more powerful Dualsword Lann

"The devs revealed plans for a character revamp which will come in two parts. The following Developer's Note will cover the first part of the coming update.

But it is becoming increasingly difficult for Lanns to use Gliding Fury or Lightning Fury due to the increasing amount of crit resistance monsters are getting. Lann's revamp will be centered around improving his crit chances.

This will mainly be done with Thousand Needles.

Now as a separate skill, Thousand Needle will increase crit chance for each hit that connects [capped at 10%]

So this skill will be needed to be used when the target shows an opening to fully utilize the crit buff and when Lann scores a crit, an additional effect will be added to this buff which improves Fury skills.

Skills effected by this extra buff are Gliding Fury, Lightning Fury, and Fury 7.


Lann's most powerful skill, Fury 7 will also be improved. It has been said often that it's hard to aim all seven hits. Which is why the skill will auto-aim the closest target when no direction is input. Also, Fury 7's first hit will cause monsters with super-armor to flinch which will give it some tactical value as well. [The wording on how super-armor targets will be effected is very confusing so I just translated based on the context]

Evasion will also become easier. More precisely, rank 6 slip dash's invulnerability frame will be increased from 0.33 seconds to around 0.5 seconds.

Windmill will also get invulnerability frames and will cover a wider radius. So no more deaths from using Windmill by mistake.

The final stuff that will be added are skills for all of Lann's smashes. This included spear smashes and give the players a choice in improving smashes based on their choice."


Fiona, flashy counters and the best survivability.


"Fiona gameplay these days are centered around only using a few select smashes with the highest efficiency and faulty survivability due to the increase of un-blockable attacks. This is why shields have been improved. Our goal here was not only  to improve shields but to make the role of large shields and small shields more distinct.
Small shields are being overlooked as attacks in higher level battles are mainly set as smashes. Now with the revamp, smashes can be countered with perfect gaurd. So now a monster that mainly use smashes can be knocked down with Counter Attack.
Heavy Stander Counter and Down Counter will also be changed with this change to Counter Attack. These two skills originally used too much stamina compared to their low damage. The revamp will lower the stam consumption of these two skills, buff their damage and allow them to be aimed freely.

Large shield will also be receiving some love. Un-blockable attacks can now be blocked with Perfect Heavy Stander.

Perfect Heavy Stander is similar with Perfect Gaurd. It can be used when Heavy Stander is timed correctly. This will allow skilled players to survive through attacks that were a big pain in the ass for Fionas.
One thing to note though is that Perfect Heavy Stander only works for attacks that are deemed difficult for Fionas to avoid [Sigrint's lightning, Keaghan's explosions]
Attacks with specific methods to deal with will still be un-blockable even with Perfect Heavy Stander. One example would be Thor's electric shock.

Another change to large shield is the new skill Taunt.

Taunt will cause enemies around the Fiona to attack her. This will work well to negate the lack of mobility which large shield Fionas suffer from.
This skill will allow instances where a Fiona can rescue a party member in danger and further contribute to Fiona's gameplay concept of requiring the right reaction at the right time.
One more thing that we addressed is the issue with shield breaking. Having shields break was a stressful aspect for Fiona's but one that also added to the tension.
The revamp for small shield Fionas was to increase Counter Attack usage but shield durability is a direct obstacle to this directive since Counter Attack depletes a large amount of durability from shields and this in turn would cause players to be less inclined to use Counter Attack.
This is why Counter Attack will no longer take down the durability of shields. But as mentioned above, we didn't want to completely remove the tension added from this feature. Which is why we decided to remove the bonus concerning shield durability from the skills Gaurd and Heavy Stander.

We are expecting small shields to break once or twice in average for each battle after this change.

On the other hand, large shields are designed for survival. Having a large shield break is a critical threat for a Fiona player. So large shields have been changed to be indestructible. This will further fix large shield's role as a survivalist."


A single hit should do. Longhammer.

"Longhammer's concept was it's slow speed but high damage.

But the current Longhammer lost it's touch due to it's hit recoil being removed, attack speed increase yet weak damage. This is why the revamp for hammers was aimed towards reviving its feeling of impact by reviving the hit recoil and increasing damage to compensate for loss of speed.

The main example here would be Longhammer's fourth smash, Stigma Hammer.

Stigma Hammer's full charge is now the single highest damage dealer out of all existing smashes. The difficulty to charge up has been addressed by giving super-armor status after the second charge. Not only that but a full charged Stigma Hammer can cause enemies with super-armor to flinch [again, same case as the explanation on Fury7. weird wording so I just went by what it seems to say by context]
Other changes to Fiona include improving the hitboxes for Longsword and adding a skill for Longhammer's second smash and more overall changes."


Karok, stronger than ever

"Blaster[Cestus in NA, I just can't get myself to call it that] Karok has a fun playstyle but its damage was always considered to be sub-par. Which is why Blaster smashes and certain skills will receive improved damage from this update.
Another problem for Blaster is that Burst Gauges are difficult to handle without having an enemy constantly attacking. This is why the new skill, Charging Burst, will be added. Blaster Karoks will be able to stack Burst Gauges by themselves with this skill.
Karok's most unique feature is his Boss Clash. But it was hard to use due to boss patterns that can be clashed being used too sparsely or its timing being too strict.
The old method can still be used after the update but it can also be used to prepare for an attack like how Fiona's gaurd works. So a Karok will be able to stand next to a boss when it shows sign of using a clashable attack and stand-by for the incoming attack. The clash will automatically succeed when when the attack hits him. This will greatly reduce the difficulty of using Boss Clash.

Karok's survival skills have also been changed by adding Perfect Absorb and Perfect Weaving.

You might have already aught up to it by its name but this is the same concept as Fiona's Perfect Heavy Stander. The first action of Karok's evasion will be able to proc Perfect Absorb or Weaving which can block un-blockable attacks.
And last but not least, a new skill Shouting will be added. This is similar to Fiona's Taunt skill but with the added function of causing a boss with a clash motion to use that certain motion which can lead to a boss clash and further contribute to the party."
Some small tweaks for Kai

"A glitch that causes a Kai on the move to fire Shortbow arrows was recently fixed since it was not an intended feature by the developers. But this was something that players had come to relate as to as a feature of Kai gameplay. This is why we looked for a way to address this situation while removing unintended glitches.
The new skill Moving Shot will be added for this purpose. Moving Shot has a chance to proc while a Kai fires Shortbow arrows while moving. This effect will increase Kai's attack and movement speed.
Additionally, the developers are aware of emote canceling and 0stam canceling. Sicne these are also unintended, it has been decided to remove thses glitches but other changes will be added like above to keep Kai at an even level.

Please keep in mind that this is not the final update for Bow Kai and more will come during the second update."



"We expect the first revamp to be updated on the test server within this month and it will come with overall changes to characters such as increasing the skill rank cap to rank 3 for a total of sixteen skills [which include Combat Respiration, Strength Master, Critical Hit, and more]"

All credit to Lagerowonder for translating and posting this for everyone.

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