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blimey, graphics have dated

spades07spades07 Member UncommonPosts: 849

I remember first time I had played Asheron's Call 2 and the graphics were amazing, out of this world. Now years on, it does look relatively dated. :D


  • mysticmousemysticmouse Member UncommonPosts: 135

    Yes they are, but the world overall still looks nice to me at least. I hvae been playing about a week now and the lack of a decent UI bothers me more than  dated graphics.

    The thing i find most fun is the neat races and skills, combat could use some minor tweaks and a few more npc running around would help the world look more alive.

    If they put some work into the game it could be a really nice game. if not well it will die a second death rather quickly.

  • SnarlingWolfSnarlingWolf Member Posts: 2,697

    Well.... it is many years old so the graphics are going to look like Crysis.


    I would say they're at least on par, if not a little bit better, than a lot of the long running MMOs (including WoW, but I never really was a fan of the WoW art style).

  • GroovyFlowerGroovyFlower Member Posts: 1,245
    Originally posted by spades07
    I remember first time I had played Asheron's Call 2 and the graphics were amazing, out of this world. Now years on, it does look relatively dated. :D

    Game is from 2002 nuff said, so what's your point here?

  • CaldrinCaldrin Member UncommonPosts: 4,505

    well for a game of its age its still not that bad.. some of the world textures still look half decent and better than some of the shitty asian games that have recently released...



  • ChaserzChaserz Member UncommonPosts: 166

    Once I saw Ripper's First Impressions, saw the all so familiar worm hole and heard "quest advanced" I was drawn in again.  I spent $10.00 just to see Dereth again.  But sadly I remmebered why I stopped playing too:  the rather desolute world of hills and valleys linked to "towns" with only wood towers by cobble stones paths that all look about the same.

    AC2 at one time many years ago intrigued me.  But its mostly bland world that looks like it came from pioneer ages gets old quickly.

  • GroovyFlowerGroovyFlower Member Posts: 1,245

    Im lvl 70 tumerok and counting still enjoy game very much game looks fine to me im not realy into graphics its gameplay and community thats doing it for me plsu the enviroment immersion is still great.

    Have high end ivy briddge pc bought crysis 3 so i could see best graphics around and still like how AC2 looks:)

  • Dreamo84Dreamo84 Member UncommonPosts: 3,710
    I'll never get over how desolate the "towns" and world is. I like NPCs in my MMO I want it to feel alive. I do get what they were going for, but unless you had a massive roleplaying community with tons of sandbox elements it would never work.

  • Pratt2112Pratt2112 Member UncommonPosts: 1,636
    Dated yes... but AC2's Dereth still has a certain charm to it that I've not gotten in many other games.
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