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Pseudo Vampires and Cannibals in Major European City

DrDwarfDrDwarf Member Posts: 475

A mass of false vampires and cannibals is currently descending on Rome.    

These people are mentally ill humans who believe that they are commanded to eat the flesh and drink the blood of a (obviuously long dead) 1st century Jew called Jesus.   

They are there to witness the selection of a sort of demi god, they call "The Pope",  who they say  has the ear of the creator of the universe.

Your and my national press will report this event as though it is a perfectly reasonable normal thing for well adjusted human beings to do, yet it wouldnt be amiss in a fantasy role playing game or a case study of mass dellusion.

During a ceremony carried out in catholic churches all over the world on a regular basis called "Holy Communion", Catholics believe that a priest  turns a cracker into the body of Jesus by saying some words of Latin over it and catholics are encouraged to eat the resulting product.  

Wine or blackcurrant squash is also claimed to be changed into the blood of this Jesus fellow who died in approxiamtely 30 AD (if he ever lived at all).  

Many non catholics believe the ritual is only symbolic to the catholics and might therfore otherwise excuse the practice, but this is not true becasue The catholic chuirch insist that an actual transformation of the wine and cracker takes place.    The priest does not claim the wine and cracker symbolically change into human flesh and blood.

Inspecting both the cracker and the wine (as well as conducting scientific testing upon them) show conclusively that the cracker and the wine remain chemically the same and both look and taste like cracker and wine (..not  1, 970 year old hunan flesh/blood.)

The children of these humans are also required to take part although we know them to be harmed by being brought up to think in this way.  After all drinking human blood and eating human flesh is immoral and to teach children that faith in a truth claim trumps scientific knowledge leads to adults who do not know what is real and what is unproven.

Am I the only person that sees this as a problem ?



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