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Don't talk about cheating in WW2OL guys

even though its self admitted, CRS won't ban the offender but would rather ban you!


Gone are the days of calling out plug pullers , its now bad and is basically condoned by CRS members



  • Skers11Skers11 Member Posts: 28

    How much cheating is really going on in game?  I guess the plug pulling thing is more prevelent in the air combat side of the house?  


    I've only seen a handful of times where someone was blatantly cheating in infantry fights.  I always report garbage when I see it, but I have no idea if anything is ever done about it.  Probably not.  For me, 99% of the time I die, I chalk it up to me doing something stupid or the other guy just being in a better spot or just plain better...which is a lot of you guys.  

  • mrcheapymrcheapy Member Posts: 56

    I should rephrase I admit. Cheating or "hacking" does exist. I've known of people who do it , and have gotten caught and continue to do it. 

    If you calling pulling the plug cheating , or waiting for the despawn timer to avoid a death cheating yes there are self admitant cheaters who are playing the game right now who luckily have a mod as a friend to protect them. 

  • mrcheapymrcheapy Member Posts: 56

    Oh, and you still unfortuantely can't accuse people of cheating because CRS doesn't like it. 


    At least here you speak freely and accuse the plug pullers of their crime without getting banned. 

  • Skers11Skers11 Member Posts: 28

    I didn't mean in my original post anything like "how could you say there is hacking?!?!?!"  I was just curious about it.  I've heard plenty of scuttlebut over the years but I've never encountered all that much that was overt.....but I guess most who engage in it are not trying to be discovered so if they are any good at it the other players never know.

    I actually posted a screen capture of evidence of cheating once and got smacked down for doing that in the forums.  I didn't know whom to contact about it or where to email the screens and game event information to, so I figured I'd post it in the bugs forum etc.  What the hell right?  Do the right thing and let the guys know about it somehow.


    Queue up the price is right fail horn....boy was I wrong.  

  • mrcheapymrcheapy Member Posts: 56

    you should post the image on here


    chances are it wasn't a hack but rather a terrible Infantry lag problem


    but here you will get an answer and not a rage tos from a mod 

  • Skers11Skers11 Member Posts: 28

    I'll have to go see if I still have the pictures.  That particular incident was a year ago.  It was pretty obvious hence why I posted it at the time.  I keep thinking of getting fraps going but I never do since it eats into my in game performance.  

    The incident was a player who had a AAA gun in the street outside of a CP that we were attacking.  We poured fire into that guy and he would not die.  Guys ran up and dropped nades at the base of the gun...nothing.  Another player put a satchel on the ground next to the gun...nothing.  The whole time the player just rotated the gun mowing down the infantry all around him.  I had a nice screen from in game showing the gun - our guys (dead and alive) around him - and a chat full of "What's up with the God mode AAA gun?" comments.  Hence my thoughts on posting it up were "Hell this one is cut and closed!"

    Anyway, I looked up the player in stats and it was not a name with 100s/1000s of sorties.  Just a handfull.  Probably a second account.  

  • rpw1rpw1 Member Posts: 1
    There are more than a few haxors in WW II Online and as you said you cannot talk about it in the forums there. Most people know who they are and yet nothing ever gets done about it. I have encountered most in the infantry and armor part of the game. The bush bug hack is quite popular with the tanker crowd.
  • david06david06 Member Posts: 183

    Yeah, tell me about it. I made a video of the physics bug, walked a pak 36 ATG up the side of a church tower and deployed it at the top. Uploaded it to youtube and posted it in the bug forum...

    Deleted with no reason given, not even a private message. This was years ago. The bug is still unresolved.

    Sad thing is the people who still cheat, even now that stats are down.

  • ginzoginzo Member Posts: 23

    A few years ago CRS rolled out one of the betas leading up to 1.3 x (can't remember which one specifically) that included .float, .supretroop, .clone, and other commands.   With those commands you could setup player objects however you wanted for taking creative screenshots.  In fact, I recall that there was a screenshot contest in the barracks in which the winner's shot would be used for promotional purposes.   Anyway, the subsequent betas didn't include those .dot commands and the reason given was that those tools would give evildoers an easy way to hack into the code.     It wasn't long after that that a website popped up selling  a hack that allowed users to see opponents through walls as well as giving users the ability to toggle all foliage and bushes off.   IIRC it was called or something close to it but it's no longer around from what I can see.

    I'm sure of course the Chinese players cooked up their own hacks as well.  I remember seeing a screenshot on their forum where none of the in game buildings were rendered but you could clearly see players kneeling or prone on the second or third floor of buildings.  

  • pittpetepittpete Member Posts: 233

    Unfortunately cheating happens in all games.

    It's against their terms of service to discuss cheating on the forums.

    So when you post it, then throw a tantrum & whine about it, it makes you look foolish.

    Do a .report ingame and also email CRS if you have proof.

    If you have proof and a name, just post it here if it makes you feel better.

    No mods here to ban you or whatever.

    Man up and put your big boy pants on.


  • JsilecJsilec Member Posts: 36
    Name the players cheapy.....shit or get off the pot there is no filter here....bronco69 had some good cheats from what i heard....lil tid bit for the cheaters

    The mods can enter into your persona and see what you if u have no bush bug they will know it or if u can see thru buildings they will know it....was even a cheat awhile back where players could purposely go underground and have full vis looking up on the enemy in all buildings....
  • mrcheapymrcheapy Member Posts: 56

    You can no longer accuse players of avoiding death because they either pull the plug or they use the despawn trick.

    You guys can read the entire thread instead of jumping to immediate conclusions. It's not a tantrum, This forum is the only place left where you can bring up the who's who of plug pulling and not be banned for it. Shifty, Engima, Jester and I were all banned just because Chkicker said we were making fun of his squad.

  • pittpetepittpete Member Posts: 233

    Send an email to Gophur and ask him how can CRS afford to ban paying customers over something so ridiculous, especially when keeping subs should be top priority.

    A mature question should definitely get you a mature answer.

    As far as the MODS, they're a little ridiculous for such a dead forum.

    Someone should start a new thread here titled "Why the WWII Online forums are dead?"




  • Silky303Silky303 Member Posts: 134
    At least I can now add the term 'liar' to 'cretin' when describing Cheapy

    SWG > Aces High > WWIIOL

  • pittpetepittpete Member Posts: 233

    Silky, the MODS are getting a little ridiculous on the forums as of late.

    Forums are  dead because of it.

    Angering paying subs doesn't help the cause.

    Pass this on to the head honcho for me please

    How about deleting the offensive posts instead of locking whole threads?



  • Silky303Silky303 Member Posts: 134
    Funny thing Pete, I actually think the moderation has been looser of late, with there being threads up in barracks right now that possibly would not have survived in the past

    What we have seen is a flurry of cheating accusation threads and posts in the hangar

    SWG > Aces High > WWIIOL

  • david06david06 Member Posts: 183

    lol that screen capture is wonderful

    So someone admits to cheating/using an exploit, and instead of hashing it out in the forum (like whenever a guy comes clean about plug-pulling) some mod deletes the thread. Other players have done similar things and have been shamed/forgiven; there are some RDP pilots who will proudly admit to despawning, it's not the end of the world.

    Does swoop have a personal relationship with one of the mods or something? Also someone needs to inform the expert community managers that eight stickied threads is a bit too much for a very low traffic forum.

  • mrcheapymrcheapy Member Posts: 56

    Because that is what is happening


    3 members of the Chap squadron were caught exploiting/cheating/  whatever you want to call it and just because they have a mod in they squad we all get banned. 

  • Silky303Silky303 Member Posts: 134
    Originally posted by mrcheapy
    Because that is what is happening   3 members of the Chap squadron were caught exploiting/cheating/  whatever you want to call it and just because they have a mod in they squad we all get banned. 


    SWG > Aces High > WWIIOL

  • mrcheapymrcheapy Member Posts: 56
    Silky you can lie all you like but we both know its the truth. 
  • StugStug Member UncommonPosts: 387

    No, its cobblers.


  • swindlersswindlers Member Posts: 27

    Show us crs's anti cheat program and then you can have a leg to stand on when refuting his claims. I can show you plenty of websites for exploits,hacks. Can you produce a site that explains crs's anti cheat program? No,you can't. Its never been addressed,period.

    A gm "watching" people, isn't an anti cheat program. Keep fluffing the truth there stug. Makes you look very credible.

  • Silky303Silky303 Member Posts: 134
    I know Cheapy is presenting fiction as fact because I can read all of the deleted threads he's talking about

    Members were not banned as part of some kind of underhand vendetta as he's making out. He is presenting a version of events that simply is not true

    SWG > Aces High > WWIIOL

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