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So many old school DAOC players in one place. Lets sound off our name/server. Maybe reconnect with o



  • ComafComaf Member UncommonPosts: 1,150

    Players I wish I could find and say hello to:


    Vexxor Dadrunk from Percival (Albion) Gareth,,,etc,  Miss pvp'ing with you man - best raid leader ever and so short lived in game :(


    Ybo = I'm not a buff bot!  One of the best clerics I've ever met (Percival)


    Fandaras = A great pally from old school Percival Alb


    Baneer = An awesome bard on Guinevere


    Ghostov = miss you man - Percival armsman


    Bowind = Once a perc hunter - became a keen ranger on Guin - where you at man?


    @Vision Guild on Lamorak - A great bunch of Hibs to rvr with





  • Entris38Entris38 Member UncommonPosts: 401

    ALB-Tristan, from launch until New Frontiers finally made me leave

    50 Wiz -Madsen

    50 Reaver-Mordors............/face /stick /leviathan....there will be no runners!

    50 Cleric-Rezzin

    50 necro-Supple

    50 Cab/Merc names not remembered


    Guild: Crimsonwind

  • TelynTelyn Member UncommonPosts: 15

    Telyn, Bard of Hibernia, Guinevere

  • icedernicedern Member UncommonPosts: 12
    Hib Nimue was my long time home.  Some of the guilds I was involved with were O'Suillebhain, Rosin Dubh, Devastation, Unwakeable Nightmare to name a few.
  • previnprevin Member UncommonPosts: 47
    Juntau - Druid - Iseult
  • WazlukWazluk Member Posts: 159
    Originally posted by previn
    Juntau - Druid - Iseult

    2nd Hib! Welcome to the party.

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  • ComafComaf Member UncommonPosts: 1,150

    My first 50 was Bardeleng the bard on Guinevere - so yeah, another Hib!  But I had other realms as well as I've previously stated. 


    (And thanks Montish for those arrows to the face and Rel Por for rolling over my corpse...many many times lol)


    And may the Gods forever hold Granarc in their hands.

  • WazlukWazluk Member Posts: 159
    I meant only 2nd hib for Iseult.  I was outnumbered by Mids 4or5 to 1, yet to see an Iseult Alb though.

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  • illuminatus6illuminatus6 Member Posts: 1
  • KejekKejek Member Posts: 14

    Lets see...

    Mostly on Lancelot -

    Kejek - 50 Savage

    Kej - 50 Berserker

    Kejs - 50 Shadowblade

    Pretty much all variations of that name. Originally from Twelve Angry Trolls, then I joined Carnage for a while. Only really keep in touch with Nightrun from that guild anymore :(

    Later, we moved to Hib/Gawaine, where again I used Kej -

    Kejs - 50 Enchanter. Caster extend groups and PBAE groups were so fun ^_~

    From there I pretty much just bounced around, mostly playing on Lancelot with a few different characters.

  • beibhinnbeibhinn Member UncommonPosts: 26
    Carnage, lol - kidding ;) Good to see you, Kejek!

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    Ex VN Board Senior Manager, Camelot Vault SM, Warhammer Vault SM, IGNVault Editorial Coordinator.

  • KejekKejek Member Posts: 14

    99% of the "LOL carnage" comes from Eric, dude never knew when to shut up. Everyone else just rolled with it and laughed at the trolling. Gotta admit, that guy could rile anyone up over the smallest things.


    I miss those days, but sometimes I even wanted to tell him to just shuttup hah

  • CommoXCommoX Member UncommonPosts: 83

    Tetzen / Scout / Albion - Iseult - First character when DAOC launched.


    Moved to Pellinor when friends introduced me to Midgard.


    I was the guy who had a 50 Thane of every race and spec. My two most used Thanes were.


    Thunedar / Thane / Midgard - Pellinor

    Clothe / Thane / Midgard - Pellinor


    I was orinally in a guild with a group of awesome people called Fenrir's Bane - We all got old-er and drifted apart as life did it's various dealings.


    I also RPed for a time as Rhunt, Kobold SB after ToA went live. Though I cannot for the life of me recall the RP server name.


    While DAOC wasn't my first MMO, it held my fondest memories, rivalries, guild alliances and all around great times.

  • ZinzanZinzan Member UncommonPosts: 1,351
    Originally posted by Stormakov

    [mod edit]

    CU is not going to be DAoC 2? Really? Wow, now theres some, wait, we all knew that.

    [mod edit]

    <sweet, thats="" my="" community="" outreach="" service="" done="" for="" another="" day,="" tomorrow="" i'll="" tend="" to="" the="" "why="" cu="" will="" be="" wow="" killer"="" troll="">

    Expresso gave me a Hearthstone beta key.....I'm so happy :)

  • LaecLaec Member Posts: 11

    Laec - Sorc Guinevere <Anno Domini>, <Stir of Echoes>

    tons of alts on various other servers and realms

  • gylnnegylnne Member UncommonPosts: 322
    [mod edit]
  • WazlukWazluk Member Posts: 159
    Originally posted by gylnne
    [mod edit]

    Questions why he took the time to login and  post hate when he could have been on the VN boards.:P

    Because VN boards are dead...  Yes, VN used to be the place to talk DAoC, but VN is no more.  Move on trollolol

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  • Midgard - Guinevere here!

    Weavel Sneakybold - 50 Shadowblade - He was actually a creation from the mass Lurikeen vs Kobold wars that took place on the server.  Not sure if anyone remembers a sea of bolds and keens in Thidranki but I eventuall;y took mine to 50

    I was in Reckoning for a little then Obliteration then moved to a smaller Stealther only guild for NF called "The Brood"

    Had some of the best times doing stealther wars vs Albs.

    Also played Lancelot Alb and Nimue Hibernia

  • KelenekiKeleneki Member UncommonPosts: 31
    Originally posted by Czzarre

    Torrential: Played only on Pendragon.


    Yep, back in the day Pendragon had its own.


    Small, proud and damned good

    I remember you on Pendragon.  My memory fails me more often these days, but I believe you were a Thane on Midgard?  If I am correct about this, you were the best Thane I have ever seen and an even nicer person.

    I rolled a Thane named Kairend on Pendragon and Morgan Le Fay on day one, although I never leveled the one on Pendragon until later when I was introducing my girlfriend to MMORPGs and she didn't want a large community so to Pendragon we went and leveled up there as natives.  

    We were just talking earlier tonight about her first day there.  I sometimes wonder what some of you wonderful people from test server are doing these days.  After all these years of  MMORPGs, you folks on Pendragon were the most plesant community I have ever experienced.  Friendly, welcoming, helpful, fair but firm.

    Best regards.

  • TyrsisTyrsis Member UncommonPosts: 13

    Jawn - Morgan Le Fay

    (Original Jawn - not the one you've seen over the last 3 years)

  • YalexyYalexy Member UncommonPosts: 1,058

    Server: Camlann (PvP) - Hibernia
    Guild: The Dominion
    Character: classified

    Long long time ago :)

  • daddystabzdaddystabz Member Posts: 63
    Strongheart Lightbringer from Bedevere.  I used to be part of the Knights of Terror (KoT) guild.
  • MaephistoMaephisto Member Posts: 632

    Name:  Lana....Lana......LANNNNAAAAA!!!!

    Faction:   WHAT?!!

    Server:  Dangerzone


    Yeah, I never played DAOC before.  image


  • WazlukWazluk Member Posts: 159
    Originally posted by Maephisto

    Name:  Lana....Lana......LANNNNAAAAA!!!!

    Faction:   WHAT?!!

    Server:  Dangerzone


    Yeah, I never played DAOC before.  image

    Archer FTW

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  • userfriendly79userfriendly79 Member Posts: 1




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