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So many old school DAOC players in one place. Lets sound off our name/server. Maybe reconnect with o



  • LawtoweenLawtoween Member UncommonPosts: 103
    Originally posted by Zakatak
    I played a number of Characters on different servers, as to rerolling with my friends seemed quite popular.  Our first, and the server I was dedicated to was Bors mid.. played Bigge / Bige / Reiggn.     Sure miss it.

    I recognize Zmallz and maybe Bigge, although we were on opposite sides of the battle field. 

    My main was Lawtoween, an Archer on Bors.

    Also played a Thane named Fulmin, but I can't remember the exact server.

    Alondair, Paladin on Gawaine server.  Guild Leader of Guardians of the Grail, first Albion guild on the server. Just wondering if anyone remembers the Epic 8 ?
  • FoggyeFoggye Member UncommonPosts: 96

    Started on Alb Merlin as a Scout, but didn't remember the toon name.

    Kelle - Hib Igrane (Dominion, Black Mass, Deception) till ToA

    Foggie - Mid Ector (Hey Yall/Athenas Avatars) came back for the classic servers

  • TierlessTierless ColumnistMember EpicPosts: 3,377

    I like GW as a very casual MMO. It's entertaining enough to kill some time until something better comes out. The WVWVW sounded epic but I cant get over the lack of consequence and absolutely HATE the lack of names on the opposing faction.

    After all this forum talk I've been thinking about DAOC. I dled a free trial but just didn't have the energy to start over in another MMO at this point unless its FTP like GW2.

    But not all men seek rest and peace; some are born with the spirit of the storm in their blood, restless harbingers, knowing no other path.
  • BowbowDAoCBowbowDAoC Member UncommonPosts: 472
    Originally posted by PRX_sklurb
    Originally posted by BowbowDAoC
    Originally posted by PRX_sklurb
    Midgard Merlin at release. Also Midgard Mordred when it opened.

    too bas that i dont know you, think you re the 1st that played same server/realm than i did (Merlin/midgard)


    Played in the very, very early days of DAoC up until ToA. Wasn't a big fan of the Atlantis installment.

    I was in COS at the time, but we were playing alongside PRX, LotD, SUN, Combine, Conquest, Black Knights, etc some of whom are still around and still topping RvR servers.  :)

    What guild were you in?

    CLICK for a larger image

    I started not too long after release till maybe a year after ToA. i was in in guild "Monster" a french guild, in same alliance as Drutt :P

    I remember a bit about Combine and BKs.

    my name was...well....Bowbow :P i scouted our frontiers most of the time, rarely went in albion or hib frontiers. our guild was focusing on defense.



    Bowbow (kob hunter) Infecto (kob cave shammy) and Thurka (troll warrior) on Merlin/Midgard DAoC
    Thurka on WAR


  • PRX_sklurbPRX_sklurb Member Posts: 167
    Originally posted by Xobdnas

    I like GW as a very casual MMO....WVWVW sounded epic but I cant get over the lack of consequence ...




    Risk needs to make a comeback.   :)


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  • DeanMalincoDeanMalinco Member Posts: 26

    Morgan Le Fay - Jomama (scout), Pitchblack (infiltrator)

    Lancelot - Pitchblak (Nightshade), Streetsweepor (eld)

    Classic - Bling (merc), blingzor (cabby)

    bunch of other random pve/farming/raiding tunes.

  • VargurVargur Member CommonPosts: 143

    Vargur, hunter, Birkebeinerne, Midgard/Guinevere

    Grete, pac-healer, Birkebeinerne, Midgard/Guinevere


    Btw, Emeryc, were you a part of the critshot.com community? Your name sounds familiar, but cannot quite place it.

  • theZooftheZoof Member Posts: 1

    Merlin server was fun when the game first came out. i played an armsman there with the dumbest name of all time Immortalknight.

    Storulv pac healer at mid percival 

  • kaltahnkaltahn Member Posts: 31
    Mid / Percival, Sprawl 50 Kobold BD and I forgot my Norse Thane's name.  Guild was The Forge, part of the Asarna's Arme alliance.
  • analoguerogueanaloguerogue Member UncommonPosts: 4

    My main was a paladin on Alb/Palomides named Yanniv.

    Also had various alts, but I don't really remember the names. I played from release up until ToA with a short break in between.

    Later I played a Merc named Artus on the classic cluster.

  • beibhinnbeibhinn Member UncommonPosts: 26

    alb/lance - beibhinn

    all variations of beibhinn across servers beib/beibhinnx, etc

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  • BowbowDAoCBowbowDAoC Member UncommonPosts: 472

    i started a forum to try and make it a rally point for all old DAoC players, so we can try to find more of our old friends back then. Not many people subscribed yet, but i'll keep trying lol



    Bowbow (kob hunter) Infecto (kob cave shammy) and Thurka (troll warrior) on Merlin/Midgard DAoC
    Thurka on WAR


  • grvmpybeargrvmpybear Member Posts: 90
    DAoC was my first MMO. I was super young and didn't understand the mechanics very well; definitely not enough for RvR, unfortunately, so I rolled a carebear on Gaheris/Hib. :c

    Currently playing: GW2 (Maguuma), DAoC (Uthgard), & Aion
    Waiting For / Watching: TUG, CU, Black Desert, Archeage,Wildstar, and ESO.

  • grvmpybeargrvmpybear Member Posts: 90
    Also, does anyone here currently play on Uthgard??

    Currently playing: GW2 (Maguuma), DAoC (Uthgard), & Aion
    Waiting For / Watching: TUG, CU, Black Desert, Archeage,Wildstar, and ESO.

  • ArnfiarnunnArnfiarnunn Member UncommonPosts: 61
    Midgard / Broceliande (FR)

  • buegurbuegur Member UncommonPosts: 457
    Kalen healer dwarf of Midgard on Morgan Ley fay
  • AnideinAnidein Member UncommonPosts: 19

    Anidein from Merlin/Ywain1 of Albion here,


    I also have a Hib vampiir on one of the non /level sersvers.

  • SoraellionSoraellion Member UncommonPosts: 558
    From 2001 I was Illuminati Dux the shitty Sorc from Sauvage Guard on Lancelot. Then somewhere in 2004 I switched to Euro And joined my friend Puppetmaster from Tuatha Dé Danann on the Prydwen server. These days I sometimes login to the Uhtgard freeshard, which still runs old DAoC/Emain :)
  • KyleranKyleran Member LegendaryPosts: 36,029

    My memory is failing me, what I recall.

    Started DAOC in 2002,  on Morganna La Fey, with a 50 Inf (Zerro?) and a 50 Minstrel (can't remember anymore)  I was with a guild called Hallowed Crusaders among others, but they were the most notable as they carried over into my next server.

    Then made the move to Mordred and over there I had a number of 50's, including a Shaman, Mid Healer, Kobold Hunter, Gruknak,  and a Necromancer. (Kyleran) Actually was a member of two guilds at the time, Hallowed Crusaders again and the role playing guild known as Shadowclan.

    I returned to the Classic servers at one point, created a level 50 Vampr and level 49 archer, 49 bard, and 49 bolt caster of some flavor which I kept in the final BG for the duration. (did not enjoy the New Frontiers combat on that server).  Can't recall at all what guilds i was part of, spent most of my time running in a stealth gank group on the archer

    Add in countless lower level characters on many other servers (/level 30 and /20 promoted a lot of that) and it all adds up to a lot of fond memories over the course of almost 3 years.


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  • BordogBordog Member Posts: 34

    Nico the Sorcerer



    As well as a ton of alts and a 50 Wizard named Leane. The sorc was on my friends account and after decking him out he sold the account. :(


  • Darkghost13Darkghost13 Member Posts: 3

    Darkghost 50 infil. Albion Lancelot 2001-2005

    Danaconda 50 Armsman Albion Lancelot 2001-2005

    (Guild) Ice Dragons

    Sebubs Bodyguard!!! :D Anyone know what happened to Sebubs?

    I play WoW now :( Novarian - Warrior - Alliance - Dalvengyr

  • NcrediblebulkNcrediblebulk Member UncommonPosts: 138
    Hiddukal - Hib Bedevere

    "Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth."

  • tuscaroratuscarora Member Posts: 52

    Hjol, Tuscarora, Arehdel - Midgard from Morgan Le Fay

    Tuscarora from Mordred

    Arehdel - Hibernia from Kay

  • grimjakkgrimjakk Member Posts: 192

    Grimjakk - Midgard/Percival

    The guild was <Einherjar> formed from a bunch of refugees from Tallon Zek, EQ's TeamPvP server.  There were 2 or three other Midgard guilds that were mostly ex-TZ players that ended up on Percival as well for whatever reason.

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