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So many old school DAOC players in one place. Lets sound off our name/server. Maybe reconnect with o



  • BumblerootBumbleroot Member UncommonPosts: 9
    Iseult Server: Eregion Izkeeng - dwarf berserker guild: Aftermath, Assassins of Valhalla
  • GernokGernok Member CommonPosts: 1
    edited April 2017

    Vladamyre said:

    Vladamire TheImpaler lvl 50 Celt RR8 Spear Hero on Hib Lancelot.

    Well there's a name I haven't seen in ages...

    It's Wicalil/Whaelin, ran with Durenda and Conspiracy. I think I had a stint in DoC, was in HALO for a bit...

    Hib/Lance 50 Nightshade yada yada lol
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  • HarkurHarkur Member UncommonPosts: 18
    Irvv and Hiply Rustic - Hibs

    Co-GM, Wolves of Valinor
  • ImshortImshort Member CommonPosts: 2
    Imshort - SB Lancelot-  been watching this game closely, anything related to DAoC sparks my interest
  • gmoney6gmoney6 Member UncommonPosts: 1
    Markus Ex.Cleric Team Leader 
    marky mark Ex Hiberia Team Leader

    been waiting forever for this
  • adamaxisadamaxis Member CommonPosts: 2
    I used to play on Mid/Lance with my dad and brother from 2001-2004. We quit shortly after ToA began the ruinous descent of the game.


    I did my own thing on Mordred as Dwarfinator/Buffythebuffy. Used to run with Dogs of War, frequented Spindelhalla often.
  • ApiariusApiarius Member CommonPosts: 1
    edited May 2017
    Cerra  1st to 50 on  Iseult

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  • sakkdaddysakkdaddy Member UncommonPosts: 45
    Kheled/Khel/Caradhras on MLF, Andred/Mordred
  • adamaxisadamaxis Member CommonPosts: 2
    edited July 2017
    Questyx said:

    Ohh the days of DAoC and the Alb Zerg of Lancelot!

    Bluestreak - Skald - Midgard - Lost Vikings

    Yes, many liked killing Garvey, but he never went down easy and took many people with him. Wolvee usually headed him, I was often his "speed".

    I was in LV for a few years from 2001-2003, back when Yano and Olyn? were still running it(me, my brother, and dad - Spardeous/Summoner/Dragonzo).

    I did one of the first successful Gjalpinulv raids on Mid/Lance back in 2002, before Lagged Again embarrassed everyone with the 8-man raid.

    Vladamyre said:
    Vladamire TheImpaler lvl 50 Celt RR8 Spear Hero on Hib Lancelot.

    Were you also Vladimirr TheImpaler? He was a hunter on Mid/Lance, IIRC. 

    Played on Uthgard for a few years as Adamaxis/Xiahou, might actually start playing there again soon. Cheers.
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  • ZoeMcCloskeyZoeMcCloskey Member UncommonPosts: 1,304
    edited July 2017
    Seabiscuit #2 Savage often ran with Elarn---- the #1 savage Mid/Gawaine
    Often it would be Irishmist or Greywitch or someone saying /follow on Seabiscuit and I'd lead the zerg around.  Then I'd watch as no one assisted me as I hit an enemy Cleric or Druid, then I'd die.  Then they'd rez me and follow on me again.  Great times, great times, miss those days.  Also ran around Wrathx a few times.  Many memories there.

    Also Iii, Heaven, Dancer(I think was my Skalds name)

    Later on the no Atlantis servers for NA, Nubnub the Huntress. :)
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  • DeVvojrDeVvojr Member CommonPosts: 1
    DeVvojr(Sorc) DeVvo(Paladin) - Albion - Bors
    Sous(Bezerker) Altoid(Thane) - Midgard - Kay
    DeVvo(Hero) - Hibernia - Lancelot

  • LupalLupal Member UncommonPosts: 4

      most commonly, Mehlan.

       Cz, Torr, Edan... re-hi. :-)

    And there he is, ladies and gentlemen! Back from the dead!
  • shadowsghostshadowsghost Member UncommonPosts: 5
    Arkonis - Albion - Lancelot - Outkast guild
  • Naiyah76Naiyah76 Member CommonPosts: 1
    buegur said:
    Kalen healer dwarf of Midgard on Morgan Ley fay
    Is this karlin
  • Kraw22Kraw22 Member CommonPosts: 1
    Midgard - Palomides
  • roalandroaland Member UncommonPosts: 185
    edited December 2017
    lol Guinevere server, Maatean Deathbinder, little blue Necro, Albion here. I can't remember the guild but I really had a great time with everyone. I really miss the old days.....anyone remembers me, pm me and lets reconnect! 
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  • roalandroaland Member UncommonPosts: 185
    Dragim said:

    Solusk - (50 infiltrator, Guinevere)

    Dude I remember that name! Maatean here. its been a while but I definitely know that name!
  • BerenthetiredBerenthetired Member CommonPosts: 2
    Albion Merlin/Killibury Cluster


    BerentheTired  Sorc RR12L? who knows.

    I ran 3 computers and PL'd in the POC dungeon Theronthegreat(paladin) and a Beren wizzy and a Beren Cleric. Great fun and great battles with 8v8 teams trying to get me ;)

    Had a shit ton of Beren's and a Few random names..

    Ran with FoH BoB and 8v8 with Siegaan for a while as Sorc.

    Miss all of you and the Plat Farmers(DongYi) 

    Miss duoing with Argatti  and Ikeep

    And I'll never forget hosting a massive dungeon raid and driving everyone off the cliff stoned.
    It was funny if you were in our vent channel.....Sorry for the rest of you. >:)


  • OnodrimOnodrim Member UncommonPosts: 42
    I played as Onodrim, in the Hibernia Mafia... we owned as a small pvp crew. We were a small killer contingent of the angry elves. Damn if I can remember the server though. I lost a lot of interest with the expansions, however the good old days were pretty damn good
  • kitaradkitarad Member EpicPosts: 3,909
    edited January 12
    I played on Gaheris. I had a lot of characters from every realm. Valdaline was one of them. Yardley was my paladin.
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  • JorasHunterJorasHunter Member CommonPosts: 1
    Joras    midgard -percival,   i do believe we had one of the most active stealther communitys in the game.    I like emeryc idea of getting all of us on same team.
  • HefaistosHefaistos Member UncommonPosts: 281
    Hefaistos - Andred, Mordred (champion)
    Hefaistos - Merlin (BM)
  • Shaihalud222Shaihalud222 Member CommonPosts: 1
    edited February 21
    Dextromdil - Nightshade - Percival/Gareth
    Aarmara - Druid - Percival

    Oh, and how can I forget:

    Vimmshoru VroomVroom the Vicious Little Lurikeen Staffshade of Hibernia

    Just came across this thread while trying to track down my boys Raad & Emeryc, if anyone is in more direct contact with them please let them know to check their PM's here!

    Looking forward to meeting many other familiar faces in UC. :smile:
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