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Not 1 post on this? But all the Hype for Camelot?

IkisisIkisis Member UncommonPosts: 443
I dont get it this is basically f2p DAOC and all the hype for Camelot Unchained youd think more people would be willing to give this game a try to curb the craving.


  • DresbainDresbain Member UncommonPosts: 38

    I just found out about this game on steam. Downloading it now to try it out!


    I don't think many people know about this game yet...

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  • grimgryphongrimgryphon Member CommonPosts: 682

    The game has been around forever. It was renamed from Regnum Online to Champions of Regnum.


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  • snapfusionsnapfusion Member Posts: 954
    Originally posted by Hollywood78

    I just found out about this game on steam. Downloading it now to try it out!


    I don't think many people know about this game yet...

    Thats pretty amazing.

  • dynamicipftwdynamicipftw Member UncommonPosts: 206
    How's the RvR?
  • grimgryphongrimgryphon Member CommonPosts: 682
    Originally posted by dynamicipftw
    How's the RvR?

    Fun, but not a lot of people play. Maybe 200 online at a time.

    Optional PvP = No PvP
  • SirFubarSirFubar Member Posts: 397

    I've never really played DAoC, but I can tell you for sure that this game is nowhere near DAoC. The only thing they share in common is the RvR and its isn't that great in Regnum. It can be fun at 1st but when you consider all the flaws of the game, I can't recommand anyone to play this game.

    1st, the game is a huge korean grind style. Sure you get some quests, but they are the usual kill X of these then of those and you need to run around the whole realm map to complete some which can be a pain to do if you don't have a mount.

    2nd, the game is F2P yeah, but to do any kind of RvR you absolutely need a permanent mount which can only be bought for real money. They don't cost a lot tho, but if you plan to do more than 1 character, you will need to buy one for each characters you have if you plan to do any RvR. Also, the questing is a lot quicker when you have a mount since you need to do some long walks to complete certain quests. The grind is also pretty long and painfull to get to 60. Past a certain level, you need to grind in the RvR zone. They sometimes host XP events that are just pretty stupid since most people just stop doing any kind of RvR and go grind. You can also buy some XP scrolls that will speed up your leveling or they also sell some 'boosters' that boost your characters to lvl30 right off the bat.

    3rd, realm imbalances. Last time I've played, the realm named Alsius (green) had the biggest numbers. They were the 'zerg' realm. The other realms had usually a much lower player base but sometimes with better players. Alsius was also the realm that did the most invades when I was playing. You could get good fights sometimes, but being zerged over and over again without being able to do anything because of numbers and huge imbalances in classes made me quit.

    4th, classes imbalances. I won't got into details but the classes balance is just the worst I've seen in a MMO. The barbarian can down someone in an instant and he has the best CC resist in the game. The marksman have the biggest range in the game, he can kite forever and hit you so far away in the open field or forts fights. The hunter have a pet and can stealth without any way to detect him. So he can unstealth next to you, CC you so you can't move nearly the whole fight and kill you in an instant too. 2 Hunters in the open field is really dangerous. The warlock is a CC heavy class with some way too powerful spells. Most CC have way to much duration and only mages can dispel, but you don't usually see a warlock with it so its the job of the conjurer (healer) and you don't see a lot of people playing healers.

    5th, the gear. The gear gives you so much more power its ridiculous. And the sad part is, you can't do anything that will give you a certain piece of gear, nope its all RGN. You grind mobs at max level to maybe have some good loot dropping. No instances to farm for gear, there's some special mobs that spawn at certain times that can give you some gear but the drop rate is insanely low and there is way too many people there to kill the mob to have a decent chance to get loot. You also need alot of people to kill them so its pretty stupid. I'm also pretty sure you can spend real cash on some of the loot boxes sold in the cash shop to have a chance to get some decent gear. I know that they released some new instanced battlegrounds that gives you a certain currency that allows you to buy some gear, but I don't know if the gear is decent or not and I don't know if you can use that gear outside of the battlegrounds (in RvR), never tried the lastest update since the game is just terribad.

    So all in all, don't waste your time on this game. The game is horrible and the company too. They prefer to work on some GFX update and revamp of cities before fixing the hundreds of problems the game already has. They have a little gem in their hands that could become something really really good but they couldn't care less. They surely don't have their priorities in the right place. If only the classes balance, how you obtain gear and the korean style grind wasn't that horrible, I would've continue playing but right now, its not worth it at all. Don't waste your time playing this only to realise after a couple of months how bad this game really is, like I did.


  • ArconaArcona Member UncommonPosts: 1,182

    DAOC was a grind. Hardly any quests.

    The realms were very imbalanced, usually overpopulated albion, underpopulated Hiberion

    Class balance doesnt really matter when its RvR, and you die in 1-3 hits anyway.


    Champions of Regnum looks kinda like daoc, and its free.

    but so is the free and legal daoc server :)

  • ringdanyringdany Member UncommonPosts: 189

    i tried the Dawn of Light DAOC Uthgardt server and i didn't like the combat response and interface. It  was just somewhat slow and slidy. Also the grind is just as tough as Regnum. Responding to some of Sir Fubar's concerns :-

    Intro: CoR is not an easy or forgiving PvP game. Expect to die and die hard. If you do not fight very hard you wil probably lose painfully. Surviving in this game is a bit hardcore because death can come quickly. 


    1st: The grind seems less relatively to other heavy grind mmos like Silkroad or L2. The grind is there to encourage players to buy xp boost scrolls. because unlike GW2 CoR is F2P and the debs do need some money to keep going.

    2nd: A mount is about EUR 5. You can play without a mount by halving your travel time by sing bind shrines. Selecting where to bind lets you teleport back to the shrine after death (say by suicide, which the  game lets u do anytime). The xp boost events do not always end wars because enemy players will often hunt grind zones during boosts.

    3rd: realm numbers imbalance has been a problem for a long time. I think NGD sees realm balance as being measured over a large time period. So NGD actually expects one realm to dominate numerically in some time zones or over several weeks. Personally I dont feel this is as good as havine numerical balance on say an hourly basis. But many players seem to become comfortable with fighting against the odds.

    4th: CoR has a tough and unforgiving combat regimen. It is a lot easier than say neverwinter nights where mage spells  lasted 30 times longer than CoR and mages did about 20 times more damage in relative terms. CoR's ciombat design deliberatlely favours the melee class. You do really need to think very fast in CoR to survive. Nothing soft and easy like other mmos.

    5th: Actually the gear is extremely marginal in effect. Additions to damage are in the region of about 1-10% maximum. Mathematically, NGD deliberately set out to make the bonuses lok big but actually their end effect is extremely marginal. For this reason, many players readily admit that "boss" items do not determine the outcome of pvp and that CoR is certainly not a pay to win game. There are prize loot boxes but NGD makes it clear these are lotteries and the max bonus is again very low (mean abotu +2-3%).

    Conclusion: CoR isn't for everyone. But if you are after an open pvp RvR game which lets you drop in any time and easily find hard pvp combat and drop out anytime you like, then CoR is it. GW2 may be its closest alternative though CoR's combat system is point and click instead.

    I suspect the devs choose to work on gfx because 1) They wanted to push CoR as much as possible into a state where the gfx was "acceptable" (the dev Chilko said in the last year the only thing he learned was how to draw leaves on trees) and 2) actually, i suspect they are struggling to fix the old bugs. The old bugs, like curious oddities in the interface or errors in quest dialogue, are actually all non-critical to the pvp RvR game. Since they cannot find a solution easily, the devs have elected to put them on a lower priority until they can somehow figure them out.

    Hope that helps. Feel free to ask more questions. There are certainly alternatives to CoR out there: GW2, Aika Online, Aion Online and soon TESO (Elder Scrolls Online). But CoR is likely to be the smallest, fastest and most responsive large scale RvR 3D game out in the market for the forseeable future. 

  • CernanCernan Member UncommonPosts: 360

    I 2nd everything ringdany posted.  The leveling is pretty much the same as DAoC.  It's slow, but they have xp boosts from the GMs and you could always buy scrolls.  DAoCs quests were sparse in the later levels.  It was mostly a grind, and 45-50 to felt like an eternity.  You can expect a similar feel here.  L2 and Silkroad are much more grindy.


    As for the mount, the games gives you a free 7 day mount(game play time, not 7 physical days in a row.)  So that mount will last you a pretty long time.  When it runs out you can buy one relatively cheap.  I don't see a problem with buying a mount.  If you  enjoy the game and plan on playing it for any length of time then a 1-time purchase to support the game/devs is no big deal.  It's not like you really need to spend money on anything else in the game.  Also, if you play enough you might get an email from NGD thanking you for your support with a mount redeem code.  :-) 

    And like RD said, gear doesn't make a huge difference.  I think I upgraded my gear about once every 10 levels.

  • HeavyBadassHeavyBadass Member Posts: 19
    if you value your time don't play this game, since you have to spend a lot of it unless you use money
  • MMOExposedMMOExposed Member RarePosts: 7,309
    Originally posted by Ikisis
    I dont get it this is basically f2p DAOC and all the hype for Camelot Unchained youd think more people would be willing to give this game a try to curb the craving.

    I just learned about the game from

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  • rojoArcueidrojoArcueid Member EpicPosts: 10,719
    Originally posted by MMOExposed
    Originally posted by Ikisis
    I dont get it this is basically f2p DAOC and all the hype for Camelot Unchained youd think more people would be willing to give this game a try to curb the craving.

    I just learned about the game from

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