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Its a lot like Vindictus....Black Desert

GibocracyGibocracy Member UncommonPosts: 17

This has the instanced fighting stage and skill based combat system like Vindictus,  Im not sure which is better i will have to go and replay it.  What i dont like is the instancing and stage combate i do like the combat though.  I checked this game out because some of the makers of the new sandbox MMO "Black Desert" was involed in the creation of this game. ( Black Desert is not on this website btw).  

I wasn't really feeling this game, it is interesting but i have to pass.  Im still searching for that sandbox MMO game with action oriented combat. If anyone knows of any, that is not in developement, PM me.


Also if you are crurious about Black Desert Combat and game mechanics here you go:

Trailer 1

Trailer 2

Housing system:


  • SWRC9SWRC9 Member Posts: 16

    Vindictus is like C9.  C9 came out years before Vindictus ^^ :)

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  • linadragonlinadragon Member RarePosts: 589

    @SWRC9 Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh no no it did not...  Vindictus was out a full 2 1/2 years almost in korea before C9 entered global servivce and 1 3/4ths of a year in the US before the same... Vindictus is not a "newer" game by any means and you can see the release date of C9 up top for their global service on this site and even up top for Vindictus on this site... C9 is the newer game unless you happen to live in australia where they entered market around the same time... 

    Also to the original point while Black Desert looks fantastic this game was Pearl Abyss seems like a more together developer than Webzen ever did. Some of the developers from C9 may of come to work at Pearl Abyss but this seems more developer based talent wise. Black Deserts creative director is the creator of C9 and that is about it as far as involvement. 

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