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Next beta?

Crunchy222Crunchy222 Member CommonPosts: 386

Havent been able to find this out on the official site.

Got into the early rounds and missed the first, second i skilled because the download was going crazy slow.

Just havent been able to find a beta schedule.  Id like to at least test it for a round before launch.  Seems my issue is i figure out the beta is happening right before its over, which might explain the download slowness.


Oh and my TV is a glorified dust accumulator...curious if there is any intergrations with perhaps viewing the show online.  I really...i mean really...hate just about all TV programming...but if i dig the game i might want to keep up on the show...if it isnt super cheesey and lame at least...which it doesn have the potenial to be i guess.


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