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Another day infiltrating in the Crown (NC infiltrator gameplay)

timeraidertimeraider Member UncommonPosts: 796

So.. lately ive been doing alot of SMG infiltrating and since i enjoy it so much i tend to get very excited in outfitchat and the teamspeak of my outfit about it. Usually i know those guys dont care and are annoyed by me or simply doubt me

So.. instead of crying through the chat how many people ive killed this time.. i recorded a run.

I always droppod on crown or crossroads after which i wreck the whole base.


Now there are alway people who think like this:

"he must have recorded alot and simply taken the best footage"


.. sadly enough this is not possible for me.. while recording even on low resolution, its impossible for me to stay above 30 fps. Therefor i need to simply start the recording whenever i can droppod on the crown or crossroads.

Till now ive recorded 2 drops, 1 ended in a 9 killstreak before a heavy found me.. this one was the better drop so i choose this one.

Do realise.. this is simply something i do during my playtime every time i can.. dropping on the crown or crossroads simply is a 100% garanteed killstreak

Specs and infiltrator loadout are in the description:


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