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New guild for fresh starting players.

insideout321insideout321 Member Posts: 71




Server: Aggramar

Guild Leader: Redsmile

Recruiter's: Luaria, Redsmile

Members: 16

Level: 1



This is a guild for returning , new, or lower level ,fresh start characters wanting to return to wow and play in a casual guild with older adults who love the game.


Here are 10 things the guild were in is looking foward to doing. If they sound good or interesting to you please come to the server and join us.



1. A mature atmosphere where we can all play without worry of whining, crying , begging and such. Cussing is allowed ;)



2. A casual playstyle that also includes raids. We will raid casually ,we will find out the best times and go from there.



3.Gear will no longer determine if your allowed to go in a dungeon unless your item level wont allow it. Ive always hated the fact that groups would not allow you to go based on this or that. How do you expect someone to get the gear your wanting them to have if they arent allowed to go into the higher level dungeons ect to obtain that gear you want them to have. Hypocritical to me.



4.Voice chat will be used in game but not required by those who dont like using a mic , although we do prefer you at least join the voice so you can hear strategies for groups , raids.



5.A place where your not the only low level toon. Everyone will have all new toons to play with , dungeon with,  and grow with as you become part of a tight knit medium sized guild. In this guild you will know everyone as quality is over quantity here.



6.A clean active list , We cant stand guilds that keep players on the list after 600 days of inactivity. We will after 30 days send mail to the member letting them know they are welcome back and by doing this keeping the guild member list clean and updated with all active players. If you let us know ahead of time about your absence then by all means we will keep ya in the guild.



7.A fun enviroment , were not going to be the massive hardcore guild that expects things out of you other than mature, drama free fun. Its a game and games are fun (Well supposed to be).



8.Play how you want, when you want , and what you want. the game is being paid for by you , we wont tell you how to play your toon , or anything in that manner , your toon, your game and you play how and what you want at all times.



9.We will help when you ask for help or need help we like to help anyway.



10. Our guild leader listens,  she will take any advice, comments , or anything else in that manner into account and do whatever she can to help us out. Anything to make our guild members feel at home and have the best gaming time they ever had . We will make sure everyone is happy and do the best to our ability to keep that promise.


If this sounds like a guild for you please stop in day or night and look us up. I'll also be checking this website for messages..


Thanks and hope to see you in game SOON!




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