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Reincarnation System

Back in my MUD days some of my favorite ones were ones that had reincarnation systems put in place.. I remember playing one where you have about 10 tiers of reincarnation and basically leveled to 100 and then given the choice to reincarnate. When you did you reset to level 1 as a new(more powerful) class with a new set of abilities. You could do this 9 times and on the final time you could choose to "ascend" to an angel or devil each with their own very unique and powerful skills or you could stay human and get certain abilities if you made that choice...

I always thought it was a very fun system and would love that sort of system in the graphical MMO era.. although one issue on the graphical side is it requires a buttload of abilities and in the system in the MUDs all the old skills became basically worthless each time you reincarnated so would be a lot of waisted skills.. but i think someone could figure out a good way for it to work in a modern day graphical MMO.

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