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Talisman the board game goes digital

NadiaNadia Member UncommonPosts: 11,798


singleplayer version for PC is currently available -- multiplayer due later this year


an iOS and android version is forthcoming

Talisman Prologue for iPad
I have been struggling to get the PC version of this up and running, so it is great to finally be able to try it on iPad. This version is the same single player experience found on PC just optimized for touch controls. The game elements are taken very literally in some ways but I believe this is done to evoke nostalgia. I understand the clamouring for multiplayer, but the developers have managed to make a focused single player experience. The built in quests not only teach mechanics but also offer a good gameplay flow. One complaint is that some quests take long to complete just because of bad luck rolling dice. I will review the game upon release, but I just wanted to share my early impressions. This really is the first iOS title in a while that I can’t wait to play as soon as I get home each day. Be on the lookout for this on iPad very soon.


another fantasy boardgame, Warhammer Quest, is also coming to the iOS


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