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World of Warcraft: The Thunder King Official Trailer Released



  • MurlockDanceMurlockDance Member Posts: 1,223
    Thanks but no thanks ! I am allergic to raiding. Seriously... it makes me gives me non-stop sneezes, so for the sake of my nasal passages, please Blizzard, release something that has no raid and no dailies. Gah !

    Playing MUDs and MMOs since 1994.

  • GravargGravarg Member UncommonPosts: 3,424
    Originally posted by just1opinion
    It's a shame that the patch only brings something new for the raiders. I quit raiding in WoW a couple of years back. I was never fond of it. Sometimes it seems like Blizzard cares nothing for the regular PvP'er or PvE'er ....only the raider.  /shrug  I wasn't that impressed with the video either. And that's coming from someone still playing WoW that actually likes the game. Still.....didn't impress me.

    You know that there is more than just the raid coming in 5.2?  They are adding open world pvp quests and objectives to the Thunder Isle.  So if you like to pvp, you should try the PTR, it's fun. (and I never pvp in wow lol)


    Anyone saying the raids in pandaria are easy surly haven't tried them in heroic.  My guild is currently able to do MV and HoF, but they're some of the hardest fights I've seen in my 22, Twenty-two, vientedos, 22! years of playing MMOs lol.  It's only easy in LFR, because it's a group of people without vent, coordination, or any planning done beforehand.  Heck, even normal is hard.  Look up the fight against  Grand Empress Shek'zeer, hardest fight ever lol.

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