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Boycott Spacetimestudios

Petition found here:


Dear SpaceTimeStudio users, non-users, and banned users.


It is without a doubt technology continues to grow in the industry gaming with the use of multi player online. With all the hype, we have our smart phones dependable on not only for everyday use but also a flexible leisure passing the time using game applications (Apps). However, due to several complaints escalated by actual adult smartphone users among the community it is strongly emphasized that Spacetimestudios needs to be boycotted severely and punishable by our good friend, google (or google play).


Spacetimestudios is an app game, like many other games, only as multi player hack n’ slash style. However, I’m not here to discuss about the game itself. I’m here to discuss two different topics different yet similar relating to the matter of Spacetimestudios terms of service and its community behavior. First, let’s discuss about their terms of service that is greatly popular issuing harsh and questionable banning: 




Flaming is defined as posts which are designed to personally berate or insult another.


Trolling is defined as deliberately posting derogatory, inflammatory comments/threads in order to bait other users into responding. Trolling or accusing someone of being a troll is also a form of trolling and is not permitted.


Personal attacks include, but are not limited to insulting a poster directly:


Example: “You are stupid, you suck, and you should [censored].” 


And here’s one for the in game rules:


A quick highlight of just some of the things you can get banned for:

Inappropriate chat.

Trading account information.

Stealing account information.

Selling in game items for real money.

Player harassment.

Attempting to fraudulently obtain Platinum (iAP crack).

There are three types of bans you can get in our products:










Not only you can be banned in game for “breaking the game rules” but also forum rules as well. What this means is if you registered your in game name as “Roger” for both in game and on the forums you can easily be banned if for either or one or the other. Conflicting, isn’t it?


I’m sure you’re following what I am getting at, you’re probably thinking “well wait a minute, doesn’t Spacetimestudios have a filter feature for swearing and a mute function to block any communications or read from others?”. Absolutely. However, even if the filter is working as intended people still have ways around that. For example, “you suck ass” instead of the spelling word “ass” people substitute “ss” instead with “zz” and you’ll still be banned for it.


Another interesting example, is the beloved forums, which apparently many of its users 75% of the time do not follow the rules at all. Again, here’s this “Personal attacks include, but are not limited to insulting a poster directly”, “You are stupid, you suck, and you should [censored]” sound familiar? Depending on how the administrator or even moderator feels they “feel” when it necessary to give subjective ban or infractions. Players feel helpless and still are given strikes when no rules of any kind have not been broken even though the post on the forum has been written in the most appropriate and respectable manner.


Regardless what sort of post you make be it a question, reporting, or pleading for help after you’ve been hacked (or in most cases, persuaded to give account info by accident), the community of the Spacetimestudio forums will troll, insult, and perhaps humiliate you and wont be banned or given an infraction. Once again people, administrator did clearly say the rules were made to set an enjoyable gaming environment, which he failed to do so.


A player by the name of Raserei. He was temp banned for 7 days for one swear word. One word? Hmm seems subjective to temp ban a poor player swearing once considering handful of players swear almost all the time in game or especially in PvP. Why is it the administrator not ban other players given the evidence provided? It’s very questionable and punishable not following to the good will of google apps.


Google apps (google play) clearly states apps are meant to be used in an enjoyable environment 




“Google Play should not contain materials that threaten, harass or bully other users”


“The Google Play program policies play an important role in maintaining a positive experience for Google Play merchants and users. These policies also help us curb abuses that threaten our ability to provide this service. We ask that everyone abide by these standards so that we can all enjoy Google Play. Violation of these policies may result in the denial of Google Play access or deletion of your Google Account. These policies may change at any time, so please check back here from time to time.”


As stated as such, clear as day, Spacetimestudios is violating the positive experience we soley enjoy using google play or google play android apps. Being banned subjectively is not a positive experience. Losing 200-500$ in cash and not being refunded is not a positive experience using STS services. Not being able to post to have actual sustainable logical coherent conversation solely about the game is not an experience.


Feel free to file a complaint to google, or formally the google play complaint center. Google play takes reports seriously. Just because an “admin” sets rules for a user agreement doesn’t mean he or she is God. Admin developers, aka STS, need to follow also google play guidelines. 


Please sign and submit a complaint report to google play: [url][/url]


Thank you for reading.


  • exe129exeexe129exe Member Posts: 6

    So first off, I have played Pocket Legends during the Mount Fang update. Back then support is great, and the devs are always communicating with players in game.

    Now currently, STS seems to be resting on their laurels. They rarely make an appearance in their previous 3 games, and starts to beat down constructive criticism from players. Any feedback is deleted and worst of all, their support system does not seem to work out at all. So far I have a ticket to support regarding a problem in game but the devs had my request closed and ignored my account even on support.

    Many players in game are generally rude, dismissive and often bend and twist the rules to make it look correct. There are multiple cases of cyberbullying in the game as well, but the community will not try to protect you. PvP especially, has become a wasteland of players using forgotten bows and overpowered endgame items. Spawning in a CTF game is never looked upon by the devs, which also allowed rushing to happen in a PVP room.

    When it comes to banning, Spacetime studios will not give a player a message to correct their very mistakes. All they did was give a permaban to players that managed to hit a nerve. Players that give constructive comments or got banned by just 1 accidental swear word are cases such as those.

    Also if you had made a forums account connecting to one of your toons in game, the ban in forums also mark a ban in their products, thus furthering the creation of many 'Yes-Mans' supporting the Top Players in forums most of the time. Respect is rarely given in forums by others most of the time.

    The developers themselves are getting completely lazy in the past 7 months. So far, all I have seen in the game was either Platinum sales, Vanity and more vanity. There has NEVER been an event based map or actual new content during that period. The developers seem to have taken a complete hostile stance to players nowadays.

    Lousy players that beg or scam in game are never banned, as I still see the same persons in town almost everyday. Botting and booting seems to be looked over, as so far I have not seen the developers take action against those lawbreakers.

    When it comes to bans, it is not just your account that will be banned, but all your devices as well. This is rather annoying as this would affect innocent players that knew the person in real life, but will render many other players in real life unable to play in game. Unforturnately, as stated Support seems not to do anything even in a Month's time.

    Gear itself seemed to be overpowered by the lack of planning mechanism. A single set could easily pass 100% hit, 100 crit, and even get close to 90+ dodge when a character is fully buffed. This leads to many players creating a big fat ego for themselves and starts to be jerks to many others. As WhoIsThis has stated, the quality of players seems to decline over time.

    It's not just me that is annoyed by the actions of STS over the entire half year. Hyabusa Jin and Raserei are players hailing from AL that are completely annoyed by STS due to their unfair bans. A petition has been created however the community simply trolled them and subsequently the devs banned their forum accounts repeatedly. WhoIsThis and Physologic has also made numerous feedbacks to STS to no avail, as their comments are mostly under moderation.

    It's not that STS is a business that they have to be mean, it's their current attitude towards us, the players. The fact is, STS focuses their games towards kids and supposed teenagers, and not genuine adult gamers such as myself. As such, STS will be creating more Legends Series as soon as AL starts losing some spark that made the game grow, thus further alienating PL, SL, and DL altogether. For those of you that expected PL to come back someday, where in the world is that going to happen??

    To be honest, I felt a little heartbroken when I made that review to the game that I have enjoyed over the past 2 years. Maybe it was for the better, maybe it could be worse. Back then, like WhoIsThis, I too have wished for Pocket Legends to succeed in being the best MMO in mobile. However, as the years go by and the devs somehow ignored their founding game, I'm starting to compare them to bad game companies using the freemium model such as Zynga, Nexon, and Gameloft. Impressively, all those companies has at least a game that could have potential were it not for their Support in their games and their attitude.

    To conclude this review, Pocket Legends is targeted at a younger audience. Players could still enjoy the game on what it is and cherish the features that made this game awesome in the past. However, should you encounter a problem with others, expect STS to turn a blind eye to your request. After all, many players have expressed their thoughts about the game and it appears STS simply does not care at all.

    Parents playing this game with kids should be even more cautious as your child might learn degrading comments and things inappropriate for their age since players tend to twist the word filter to their advantage. It is strongly recommended you play this game with a group of friends and simply don't express your thoughts to the developers as that would only cause your group to fall apart amidst permabans and other problems.

    I might change my review if the game starts improving gradually. However, at this point I would rate this a 0/5 stars due to a lack of support, and a rude impression of the developers.


    This is my review of ALL Spacetime Games as of now. I've got a permaban as well for nothing. 

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