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Consentual PvP?

Athena_StarfireAthena_Starfire Member UncommonPosts: 213

Is it consentual PvP? or is it "I can gank you whenever I want, like it or not"



  • ScarfeScarfe Member Posts: 281
    I think you have to ask before unsheathing your sword.  

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  • dancingstardancingstar Member UncommonPosts: 362
    As far as I can decipher from the website and what I've actually played of the game (up to lvl 20), PvP in this game is mainly in battlegrounds and a PvPvE dungeon where players from the rival factions fight each other and monsters. Certainly the starter zone (lvl 1-20) is PvE only (first battleground becomes accessible at lvl 15). There is also apparently 1v1 duelling.
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