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Someone make this game

While trying to build up the desire to log into either Path of Exile or Guild Wars 2, and its akin to going out in the snow to chop wood.  


Everytime I play one of these new MMORPG's, that just takes whatever last bad ideas there was and expands on them, I grate my teeth and wonder why there isn't a single company putting out something that uses the tried-and-true formulas of old.  Then I have to tell myself that the TV show The Wire has a very small following while millions of people watch Keeping up with Kardashians, if that isn't evident of a slovenly, dumb culture I'm not sure what else is.  Clearly, mmorpg devs have to cater to the mongoloid masses who would have a nervous breakdown if they ever attempted to beat any state of Megaman on ninentedo, nevermind trying to lead a 54 person raid that requires complete syncronization with your guild and inoventive strategies.  No, just have a tutorial on how to move forward because "der I cun muve forwerd, how I do a kill on a munster?"  generation needs that sort of thing.


Anyway.  If some Dev wants to make something fun for us oposable thumb gamers, here is my short list of things I would like to see:


1.  No fricken "Global Loot Table."  -- Fishes don't have epic weapons.  Finding "Godsmasher the sword of Hellfire" on a deer while the boss of The Temple of Aganozing Torture drops a useless stick of poo doesn't just hinder a game, it absolutely RUINS it.  There I said it, WoW's invention is terrible and caters to the mongos.


2. Make these bastards read. --  No more circles on maps (hell how about no more maps period!)  let people figure something out with a little thing called critical thinking.  No more paths leading you to the 12 boars you need to kill.  Use 18px fonts if you have to peirce the skulls of the mongo's who refuse to read anything longer than a sugar packet.  Make quests that involve a ton of work and going to various zones and deducing things, and for godsakes give a decent reward for this!  


3. Power, it's not a dirty word -- How many times are you playing this game, and after a month only notice the most slightest increase in power.  You seem to be constantly at scale, the monsters always taking the same amount of time to kill.  This is because dev's are TERIFIED of having players become more powerful than say...practically everyone else.  I don't want a "pure skill" mmorpg.  If I wanted to play that I would play Tekken 6 or Call of Duty or something.  What I want is too build my character up so that my pure skill, coupled with my awesome gear (that has come from pure skill and time) allows me to more quickly dispatch nooblets.  I've talked about this before, it's the difference between communism and capitalism (almost all modern mmorpg's being strictly communism, resulting in tedious, misserable, depressing gameplay).


4.  Raid bosses!  No more "dynamic garbage" --- Please, bring back the static mobs and bosses.  Also the non-instanced raid zone.  Sure people will cry when another guild has killed some king or dragon, but c'mon, so what.  Let them cry a bit, its good for them.  Competition actually is a good thing in video days, the word stemming from "Compete" which used to be synonomous with "games" back when people weren't a mass of simpering mongos.  I've killed hundreds of so-called bosses in Guild Wars 2, and frankly, they all dropped garbage, were killed in a big mass of strangers all just hacking away mindlessly at the things with about zero strategy, and felt like dry humping myself.  Again, forget the crying mongos, put some bosses out there, give them homes, and make them hard as hell and drop great loot.  Eventually, people will love this simple idea.


5.  Bring back servers -- smaller communities are actually funner.  People develop reputations (both good and bad) .  Single servers actually make a community more detached and isolated.  



6. Gamertags , why?   -- Okay, I think I already know why.  Money.  Yes, it's not enough to get someone for fifty bucks anymroe, you aslo gotta get them to join a club, get facebook and email updates, and all that other crap I wish would just go away.  Furthermore, when I see some guy named JakeDavis192838 it doesn't exactly do much for me to remember that guy.  It doesn't do much for game immersement either.  Suddenly I feel like I'm playing pokerstars and not a game set in some mythical kingdom.  Also, as in GW2, in the world pvp (which is mostly a lot of pointless running and pointless flailing in masses of pointless combat) the enemy have one generic name.  Sure this might be realistic, but its boring as hell too.  I like to know who is hitting me, and I like the enemy to know my name when I smack them around too.  



7.  Spells, you don't just suddenly "know them" -- Bring back spells dropping off bosses and in dungeons.  No more, "hey I suddenly know how to teleport from stomping that rat to death."  Obviously, the mongos will cry over someone having something that they dont have, but again, who cares.



8.  Utility Classes -- No more healing/tank/puller/caster you can be anything you want to be because you are special!  The very word "Class" infers that there is a difference there.  Make wizards and mages able to teleport, but not a warrior (wtf is that!).  Bring back utility spells and abilities.  How many games nowadays are groups formed with the following dialogue proceeding them? 


"Uhh we need a...whatever, just get anyone.  It doesn't matter.  None of this matters."


as oposed to 


"We could use a Templar to heal and Ranger to pull."  


God forbid the mongo's barbarian not being allowed to be the total renesaince man the mongo demands.



9. Burnt down mud Villages, we get it -- I remember something my brother said once when we were about ten hours into Warhammer online.  "Every area looks like something that was once interesting but has now been leveled into wasteland."  Pretty much 90% of all mmorpg terrain is desolate, destroyed, wasteland or field or endless hilly tundra.  I liked Cormac McCarthy's, The Road, but I don't want to play the mmorpg of it.  How about a game that has more than 3 actual areas where the people have managed to scrape together some architecture?  Screw these camps with the always-present quest guy, the vendor (who sells unusable garbage) and the little mudhuts they are all working out of.  In fact, do away with camps entirely, they are boring.



10.  Different Experience for different things -- Every zone in these new games seems to have one thing in common: they are pretty much the same crap.  The exp you get from one place is invaribly the same as another of its equal level.  No lvl 15-20 zone is any harder or different than another lvl 15-20 zone.  If you can't solo it, the mongos cry.  Which leads me to my final point...



11. Exp Camps:  They were fun.  You would meet up with friends, and kill things in a small area.  Sometimes a named would spawn (Ooh look a named!) and everyone would get excited.  People shot the sh*t in these little groups, and it wasn't just a nonstop run through a dungeon (although those too are fun).  This was in a time where players didn't think if they stopped moving they would explode (like the plot from the movie Speed).  You could just hang out in one area.  You didn't need to traverse 60,000 miles in one sitting.  Different camps had better xp bonuses and different loot.  Now...everything is so g*damn uniform.  The mongos being terrified of anything that resembles variety.


So to close, the game I want should be:



Challenging.  Doesn't cater to socially awkward mongos.  If you cant communicate with other human beings, why are you playing an mmorpg?  Go play a single player game.  Static bosses who drop decent loot and require more than 50 half-concious mongos to kill.  No quest markers, no maps, no names for anything other than the zone you are in.  Let the players come up with there own names for places  No commie loot system to placate the mongos.  Hard quests that aren't "go round the corner and get me that thingamajig.  Reading, it's fundamental.  More no-trade items.  Less of everything your doing now.  


  • QuizzicalQuizzical Member LegendaryPosts: 24,846

    (4), (5), and (8) have been done many times before.  They never worked well.  Doing them again isn't likely to suddenly make them work well.

    On (10) and (11), if some places give much better rewards than others, then why would anyone go to the "others" at all?

    Your point (3) of "I want to be overpowered after I've leveled a bunch" contradicts your conclusion that you want a challenge.

  • gangstersheepgangstersheep Member Posts: 10
    Originally posted by Quizzical

    (4), (5), and (8) have been done many times before.  They never worked well.  Doing them again isn't likely to suddenly make them work well.

    On (10) and (11), if some places give much better rewards than others, then why would anyone go to the "others" at all?

    Your point (3) of "I want to be overpowered after I've leveled a bunch" contradicts your conclusion that you want a challenge.

    You're boring. Use imagination to travel through problems. You made no points here.


    So-called "modern" MMO's are absolute garbage. I welcome ideas that are not part of this 'norm' that has swallowed AAA titles recently. We can all argue forever what kinds of things have changed in MMO's for the worse. But there's one fact. Things have changed for the worse compared to how they used to be. Not everyone agrees.. but enough do.


  • TAMjustineTAMjustine Member Posts: 4
    (4) Has been done on many MMORPG's today. But the problem with this is that instead of competition "in-game" thru damage, players tries to go outbound of the word in-game and breaks thru the game itself, they cheat, wew! so much for PB raids,  and so much for the devs of cheat engine. Tho this is one of the coolest competition I've been throughout my online gaming life.

    Pockie Pirates - Recruit your crew, Level up, Boost your protagonist, Defeat the warlords, and be the most respect pirate in the seas.

  • LatronusLatronus Member Posts: 692

    OP, while I too would love to play a game that you describe, the sad fact is that since WoW turned MMOs into games that a homo ergaster could succeed in and the masses have flocked too making blizzard tons of money, no well established company is willing to tell their investors that they will spend money developing what is a niche game.  The facts are that the money lies with casual gamers that what instant gratification.  The entitlement generation has infiltrated games as well.  Just because you worked your butt off to get that awesome sword, they should be allowed to log in and puff it magically appear in their inventory because its not fair for you to have it and not them. 

    The good ole days won't come back unless an indie company develops the game you describe.  Rewards for hard work is an alien concept in society these days and no, WoW isn't hard work.  It's so easy that even a caveman can do it.

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