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New ships in EVE (test server for now) o.O

DihoruDihoru Member Posts: 2,731

So I donno if there was a thread about this yet but apparently there are 6 new ships on the test server, 4 pirate themed noob ships (with assorted stats and bonuses, the gallente variant which is named the Violator is a pvp pilot favourite... for obvious reasons) and 2 fairly odds ships, a cruiser (or battlecruiser) hull belonging to SoCT with universal bonuses (it can mount any weapon system you can think of just as well as any other as the bonuses affect all of em) and a omni-tank (35% shield, 25% armour across the board) and most odd of all it has the following (on the test server so remember it can still change) slot layout: 6 low, 6 medium and 6 high and the last ship is what looks to be a polaris frigate which I've been told is infernally fast but packs only one turret high-slot.


Now personally I normally wouldn't give two shakes about new ships in EVE but the Gnosis (the SoCT ship) has a flat bonus to scan probe strength which makes it the premier high-sec and low-sec option for exploration should it be available on market and not as a limited edition ship and it along with the frigates could just be a 10th year anniversary gift (like the SoCT shuttle on the 5th year) but all these ships impact gameplay significantly and giving them out to everyone goes against CCP's current stance on gift item/limited edition ships (remember the zephyr and that concord frigate we got when aprocrypha respectively incursions launched) so to me it looks like these ships were put on the test server to check their viability in-game for later introduction  (the Gnosis has been something explorers have been dreaming about even after T3s were put in and the pirate frigates can be very nice small gang brawlers and tacklers by what I've heard).


Anyone got any thoughts, opinions or test server experience to share regarding these ships? ^^

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