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Over exaggeration and overly excited about your game is a dis-service to the game you love

Crunchy222Crunchy222 Member CommonPosts: 386

Heres something ive been thinking about, not that anyone cares.


So you got johnny game fanatic.  He loves this new game, was in beta, wants to tell the world about how awesome it is in every way shape and form, defends the game to the death.  This guy is the reason XXX amount (thats a number not porn you hornballs) of players are going to walk into the game, and they quit, possibly...well most likely being angry about it.  Why?  johnny fanatic said whatever he had to, in order to appease the crowd. 


I dont think people realize the dis-service this does to the game your cheerleading hard for.  Inflating expectations, possibly telling lies in order to make the game appear better. Fiercly defending even modest criticism, as something thats just false and trolling.


I get people get excited and think its all true.  I just wish more people would modestly sell a game.  Since thats really what most do here is try to sell their game for some reason.

So instead of mass advertising your chosen game as the best game evar, calling it a sandbox when its not, saying its groundbreaking when it not...saying its complex and different...when it just looks different....these things just spawn haters.  Your getting people to try the game, but they are walking into the game with a false picture of the game.  Three times now ive downloaded a game walking in somewhat blind (i actually like doing this btw) expecting a sandbox, because i was told it was a sandbox on these forums, and got treated to a hours of quest hubs..i uninstalled kinda ticked....

Oh and this typically happens and then other fans jump in and start to agree and take their own it looks like everyones raving about it...This does generate traffic to the game, but spawns an aweful lot of people who get mislead.


I know post like this fall on deaf ears, and most dont have the attention span to read past the first line...but is there any way we can get some of these hyperventalating fans of some of these games to be modest and hope that new players are surprised with how good it is...ranther than to inflate the games worth and greatness and get people who are going to leave ticked?


and yes i just recently downloaded a goundbreaking sandbox with awesome fast paced combat and got a quest hub themepark with the clunkiest and boring combat ive encounterd since POE.  in case anyone was wondering what spawned this all.  I probably wont give this game a second look even when im in the mood for a themepark...mission accomplished ?


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